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Kanai revisited: Easily one of the best in town


Everybody has those select restaurants they love but because of one reason or another, they rarely make it out there. It’s been a good few years since I last stopped into Kanai. Lately, they’ve really been picking up their Facebook game posting many pictures of delicious dishes so making a return has been high on my list.

12111 W Maple St.
Wichita, KS 67235

Tuesday – Thursday: 5pm – 9pm
Friday – saturday: 5pm – 9:30pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

While deciding where to eat one evening, I found out one of my friends has never been to Kanai. That same day, I saw a picture they had posted on Facebook that looked incredibly amazing. I just had to try it. So we set out to make the drive far west.

For dinner we started with some simple edamame which was salted just right and the perfect light snack before the main dishes.


Having been to Kanai in the past, there’s always one of their “Funky Tasty Rolls” I have to order. It’s the Invader: deep-fried jalapeno, cream cheese and spicy tuna with grilled baby octopus. The deep-fried jalapeno brings a light amount of heat that makes it perfect for all palates. Don’t worry, it’s not hot at all. The real treat is the grilled baby octopus. Some people are turned off by the look of it but fear not. There’s a slight chewiness factor to it but the flavor is wonderful. I always encourage anybody who might feel a little adventurous to order it.


For the rest of our dinner order, my friend went with the Momiji (spicy tuna topped with albacore, garlic ponzu sauce and scallions). After seeing Kanai post a picture on Facebook, I had to order the Sea of Japan which is the Chef’s selected fresh seafood served with Kanai Sea of J dressing. I know people will ask since it’s priced at market value. That evening it cost $30.

The Momiji roll was excellent; you could tell it was high quality fish within the first bite. My friend really loved this roll and was happy she went with it. The Sea of Japan was worth every dollar. The picture doesn’t do it justice. There’s so much fresh fish on the plate. Each time you take a bite, it seems like more fish appears making it a daunting task. Nonetheless, I completed it but certainly needed the help of my friend. Between the squid, salmon, tuna, yellowtail, calimari, I was in sushi heaven.



Nearly every table was taken on the Friday evening we stopped in and the service times were incredibly fast which is outstanding given how long it takes to make sushi. They were staffed just right for the crowd. Wichita is a city with plenty of sushi options and when it comes to service, Kanai just might be the best in terms of speed and friendliness. Even though the building is small, they put out fresh high quality sushi with an ambiance to match. If this restaurant was any closer to home, I’d be spending my money here more frequently.

Here’s their menu:





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