KFC’s pickle-flavored chicken now available in Wichita

Just the other week, we tried Sonic’s pickle juice slush which for the record is still available! Fast forward to this week and KFC is hopping on the pickle bandwagon. Pickle Fried Chicken is now available in Wichita until supplies run out. Yes, pickle seems to be this summer’s trendiest food. What’s next, pickle flavored Twinkies?

The new fusion food arrived into Wichita this week and of course, I had to swing by after work to get my fill of pickle flavored food.

At KFC you have three options of Pickle Fried Chicken. You can get the sandwich, tenders or a drum & thigh.  I couldn’t decide which of the three, so I went with the sandwich and the 2p.c drum & thigh meal. Unfortunately my niece, who is the only other huge pickle fan in my family, wasn’t available so it was just me going solo on this adventure. I’m glad she’s just seven and doesn’t follow my blog because she would be livid if she found out I went without her.


I asked the gentleman taking my order if anybody else had been ordering it and he said he didn’t know. While chatting with him more about it, he told me he loved the pickle juice that the chicken was dripped in. That comment alone was enough to push me to order two different items. He saw me for a sucker and baited me into doubling my order. Well done; I applaud your salesmanship.

First up was the sandwich. I unwrapped it and there was a slight smell of pickles. The chicken sandwich didn’t have the same glaze look as my 2 piece meal. After the few first bites, there was also a small hint of pickle flavor lingering behind. It wasn’t as noticeable as I hoped it’d be. I would mark the sandwich as a fail if you’re wanting something pickle flavored.


The 2 piece drum and thigh were remarkably different. You could see, feel and smell the pickle juice that the chicken was covered in. There was a pungent pickle flavor that at first I wasn’t sure if I hated or loved but guess what? I kept eating it. The more I did, the more I enjoyed it. It was juicier and more tender than the sandwich. Maybe I got lucky and the cooks drizzled more pickle juice in it but it was really tasty by the time I finished the meal. It was a great mix of tasting like chicken and pickles at the same time. Of course the chicken taste was more overpowering but you always had that pickle aftertaste. As a pickle fan, I was loving it. I would not have been upset had they drizzled my biscuits in pickle juice as well.


I think I may go purchase a Sonic Pickle Juice Slush and order some KFC Pickle Fried Chicken Tenders at the same time and see how that pairs.

If you’re wanting some, you may want to hurry. Reports are saying that each store was given enough supply to last them around a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see what fast food establishment comes out next with some pickle related. My guess is Burger King.

Happy Dining,

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