Lina’s Mexican Restaurant: A tale of two different tacos

In Wichita, there are two Lina’s Mexican Restaurants locations.

There’s a location at 3750 N Woodlawn Blvd that is open daily from 6am to midnight every day of the week. The second location is at 4910 E Central Avenue and is open 7am to midnight every day of the week. The Woodlawn location is much more spacious and offers free chips and salsa to those who just need their complimentary food while the Central location does not.

I was curious as to whether both Lina’s offers the same quality at both locations. For my initial test case, I went with tacos.

On presentation alone, the tacos from the Woodlawn and Central location have a stark difference. What you find at Woodlawn is very basic and commonly found at other Mexican restaurants around town. At the central location, they use flour tortillas and add diced tomatoes and onions in there. For all I know, they could offer both corn and flour tortillas at both locations but it wasn’t an option when I ordered the tacos. I usually just order tacos and however they usually make it is what I want.

Lina's Mexican Restaurant
Tacos from the Woodlawn location
Lina's Mexican Restaurant
Tacos from the Central location

For quality, there was a noticeable difference in the Woodlawn location. The meat was better seasoned and had so much more flavor to it while the Central location just missed the spot. The carne asada at the Central location even tasted a bit undercooked. The tortilla at the Central location fell apart while eating; it’s a common theme I’ve found with many flour shells.

For price, it’s the same except for Tuesdays where the Woodlawn location offers $1 tacos. I called the Central location and they confirmed they do not participate in the special.

After having been to both locations multiple times, I always prefer the Woodlawn location even though I live closed to Central. One of my favorite dishes at Lina’s is the Steak Ranchero and there’s a huge difference with that too; so much better at the Woodlawn location. If you’ve never had this dish, try it soon!

Lina's Mexican Restaurant

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