McDonald’s removes breakfast burritos from their dollar menu


To the people who hate and refuse to eat at McDonald’s, go ahead and click the close button on your web browser. For those people that do, we have some bad news for you.

Our fast food beat reporter, Damon, was out on the streets patrolling the fast food scene and came across something tragic: McDonald’s no longer has breakfast burritos on their dollar menu. This is a popular favorite among those looking for quick, cheap and a convenient breakfast. I, too, was shocked at this news and wasn’t sure if it was just one particular location so went to a couple other McDonald’s around town and was able to confirm the news.

It’s gone!


I asked staff at each location and they all noted that the sausage burritos were now $1.39 equalling a 39% increase.


So if you’re looking to go order a couple burritos for a couple bucks, make sure you bring that extra third dollar cause that’s what it will cost you. Thanks to our fast food reporter, Damon, for breaking the news for us.

Happy Dining,

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