Puerto el Triunfo Restaurante: Delicious Food, Long Wait

Puerto el Triunfo

While researching restaurants that sold pupusas in town, I came across a place I’ve never heard of. It was a place located in the original Usuluteco Restaurant building near Wassall and Hydraulic. So our latest food venture brought us to Puerto el Triunfo Restaurant who serves traditional Salvadoran dishes and looks to have been in Wichita for two years now.

1714 E Northern St
Wichita, KS 67216

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 8pm
Friday – Sunday: 7am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

First thing my friend and I noticed when entering was how hot it was. I’m pretty sure the A.C. was down that day so hopefully that’s taken care if you intend to dine there.

Don’t be intimidated by the menu at Puerto el Triunfo. They kindly placed English descriptions next to each menu item:

Puerto el Triunfo

Puerto el Triunfo

Puerto el Triunfo

For our appetizers, we started off with a variety of pupusas along with an empanada. Be cautious when ordering this because it took well over forty minutes for our appetizers to arrive. There may have been three other customers that morning so I’m not sure what was going on in the kitchen. At not point were we given updates on why our food took so long. Sitting in that restaurant all hot and hungry did not make for the most pleasant dining experience.

When the food did arrive, everything came out piping hot. The pupusas came with the pickled cabbage salad that is a staple anywhere and salsa. I particularly enjoyed the pupusas while my friend said she preferred pupusas from other establishments. If you like empanadas, you should enjoy Puerto el Triunfo’s. It was fried perfectly with a delicious mashed plantain in the center.

Puerto el Triunfo

Puerto el Triunfo

For our entrees we ordered Carne Guisada (beef stew with rice, beans and salad), Pollo Frito (fried chicken served with rice, beans and salad), and a lengua & beef taco.

Admittedly we were expecting some sort of stew when we ordered the Carne Guisada and were surprised to see the dish below. We even asked to confirm it was right. Regardless, it was very delicious and the favorite of everything we tried. The meat was tender and topped with some sort of tomato based sauced that was soaked in and provided plenty of flavor. The rice was fairly basic and the beans were for lack of a better term gross. We split both meals but focused most of our attention on the Carne Guisada as it was truly a winner of a meal. The Pollo Frito was a simple dish with well seasoned chicken that was above average. The skin was a little tough and crispy while the meat was tender and slightly juicy. For the most part, we enjoyed our lunch but then…….

Puerto el Triunfo
Carne Guisada
Puerto el Triunfo
Pollo Frito

…..we forgot we ordered tacos because those came out much later. It was as if they forgot about the tacos. The lengua and beef tacos are very small in size. They are definitely on the smaller end when it comes to the tacos around Wichita. But I’ll give it to Puerto el Triunfo, their lengua was some of the better ones I’ve had in town. It wasn’t fatty by any means and cooked just right. I really enjoyed it and wish I had ordered more…… or had room in my stomach for more.

Puerto el Triunfo

The lack of A.C. was forgiveable as that could happen anywhere but the lack of speed would prevent us from going there again. If they were busy or provided us some sort of reason, we would gladly go back because the food was good to great depending on what we ordered. What we hoped would be a quick lunch turned into a visit that was well over an hour with a majority of that time just sitting and waiting.

How was your experience there? We’d love to read about it in the comments!

Happy Dining,

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