Tacos Raymundo Review

Tacos Raymundo

There’s a restaurant I’ve driven by countless of times. It’s one of those places you see multiple times and think to yourself, “I wonder if that place is any good?”. Well the curiosity finally came to an end after one of my friends suggested that we should try the place. It’s Tacos Raymundo; an authentic Mexican restaurant with a vast menu serving out nearly every popular dish you could think of.

Tacos Raymundo

1716 W 21st St N
Wichita, KS 67203

Closed on Monday
Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 1am
Sunday: 11am – 11pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Tacos Raymundo is one of those restaurants where their web presence is almost non-existant but we’ve got you covered. The entire menu which is a lot is posted at the end of this article.

When you arrive you’re given a bowl of chips and a bowl of salsa that appeared to be heated in a microwave. At this moment, I can’t think of another restaurant that heats their salsa up which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The one drawback of their salsa was it was too runny for my taste. One dip with a chip and the salsa would slide off immediately.

Tacos Raymundo

For the purposes of this review we stuck mostly with tacos. Their meats consisted of beef cheek, beef steak, pork, pork steak, chicken, pork stomach, tongue, beef casing, ground beef and brain. Their tacos are served in two tortillas with onion, cilantro, and salsa. They also have grilled onions on the side. My friend and I ordered all the pork versions, cheek, pork stomach, tongue and of course brain.

At the suggestion of our server, I also ordered a gringa stuffed with al pastor. If you’ve never had a gringa, it’s a small corn tortilla stuffed with cheese, onion, cilantro, and whatever meat you choose.

Tacos Raymundo

Tacos Raymundo

My friend really loved her pork tacos. In fact she considered Tacos Raymundo her absolute favorite tacos in Wichita. She usually sticks with the marinated pork tacos and finds the flavor in those to be far superior to anything else.

We both enjoyed the gringa. It’s basically the same tortilla shell used in the tacos and stuffed with cheese and similar ingredients found in a taco. It’s then grilled; it’s very similar to a quesadilla. I had the gringa stuffed with al pastor so it was clear my friend liked it.

As for my tacos, I was quite surprised how good the tongue was. It was fatty but in a good way that provided a good amount of flavor. I usually don’t enjoy cheek tacos but ones at Tacos Raymundo were some of the better quality ones I’ve had. The pork stomach compared to other places like Alondra’s Tacos down the street was subpar. It just didn’t have much to it and felt like of bland. Then there was the brain taco.

This was my first experience with brain meat and honestly was my last. I doubt many people would even order a brain taco so let me try to do it justice. The consistency and texture is EXACTLY what you would expect from brain meat. It was very mushy, nearly pasty. Had I not known what it was, I probably wouldn’t have liked it either it was almost flavorless. Adding salsa on the taco didn’t help matters much. I’m not one that is bothered by texture or what I’m eating. I’ll literally try anything at least once and this wasn’t for me at all.

Tacos Raymundo

Aside from that experience, that shouldn’t deter anybody from trying out Tacos Raymundo. They literally have an expansive menu that includes so much more than just tacos. They have burritos, menudo, burgers, fajitas, quesadillas, sopes, nachos, salads, seafood. This is one of those Mexican restaurants that does it all at a great value. My friend considers them the best in town; I’d go back again to try some of their seafood dishes as I love Mexican ceviche and shrimp cocktails.

The lady working there was just fantastic. I was that idiot that bombarded her with questions and she appeared to enjoy engaging with customers. In an area of town loaded with Mexican restaurants, this is another one worthy of your visit.

Here’s their menu:

Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo

Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo

Tacos Raymundo Tacos Raymundo Tacos RaymundoHappy Dining,

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  1. Ok. I love your reviews. And have found many great restaurants because of you (just tried Kelly’s yesterday- great old fashioned dinner!) But to say Raymundo’s salsa is heated up in the microwave ?

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