Trying out Sonic’s Pickle Juice slush before June 11 nationwide release

On Monday June 11, Sonic will introduce their pickle juice flavored slush to all of their nationwide locations. This vibrant green colored drink will only be available for a limited time. Its release is certainly directed at pickle lovers and people who love trying zany foods. Fortunately, I fit both categories as does my niece. I called various Sonic locations around town and found out they are already selling these before the nationwide release. It was a no-brainer that we went immediately. I also have this tendency to message friends to tell them about these new products and sometimes ask politely or force them to go try it. Such was the case with one of my friends, Damon.

It’s currently not on their menu or any promotional displays but I’m sure that will change on Monday.

Sonic Pickle Slush

My niece and I each ordered a small slush since we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d hate to order the large and throw most of it away. I’d recommend a small to anybody because you really don’t know what to expect. Two of them cost us $2.58.

Sonic Pickle Slush

When we arrived home, we opened up the top just to take a look and it’s bright green. The color reminded me of the green ooze that turned four regular turtles into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Editor’s Note: Yes…..I’m a huge nerd). The smell also was very reminiscent of the aroma you get when opening a jar of pickles. My niece and I are all too familiar with this as we eat pickles nearly everyday. There’s always a jar of pickles in each of our fridges. Only exception is I pay for my jars while her parents pay for hers. Life is so much easier when you’re seven.

Sonic Pickle Slush

Next up was the actual taste test.

I recorded my niece’s reaction upon her first sip which you can find on our Instagram story. She took her first drink and a huge smile appeared on her face. The very first thing she said was “It smells good!” but then corrected herself and said, “It taste good.” It was the cutest, happiest reaction that I did not expect. After that, I took my first sip and was pleasantly surprised as well. It certainly taste like a pickle but doesn’t have that strong vinegar kick to it. There’s a small hint of lime to tone down that pickle flavor. The one drawback was it’s a little too sweet which would possibly deter anybody from wanting anything more than a small size.

My friend, Damon, also ordered it Sunday afternoon and said it was pretty good. He thought it tasted like a margarita mix.

Sonic Pickle Slush

When asked, my niece said she would order the pickle juice slush again in a heartbeat. She couldn’t stop drinking it. Soon after, she would get her sugar high and then it was no longer my responsibility to watch her as she was passed back on to her parents.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, give this a try. It doesn’t have that strong overpowering pickle flavor that one would expect. If you want to save a little money when trying it, this slush is part of their 2pm – 4pm 1/2 price happy hour.

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