Consuelo’s Street Grill: Using only locally sourced food for their “Little Cravings”

Consuelo's Street Grill

There’s a new mobile food vendor that serves gourmet Mexican food using only local produce from local farmers and vendors. They are Consuelo’s Street Grill and they offer an omnivore menu with vegan options. We stopped by the Wichita State Food Truck Plaza to try them out this week.



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As stated earlier, the menu features items made from local vendors such as Kan-Grow Hydro Farm, Yoder Meats and Pinole Blue. On our visit they had the option of either tacos or quesadillas made with your choice of carnitas, mushrooms or cauliflower.

Consuelo's Street Grill

My friend and I ordered the quesadilla with carnitas and then three tacos each with cauliflower, carnitas and mushroom.

For starters, we think there was some confusion in our order as we originally just meant to order a taco with cauliflower, a taco with just carnitas and a taco with just mushroom. The way the menu listed everything caused a little mixup. Instead we ended up with a cauliflower taco, a cauliflower and carnitas taco, and a mushroom and carnitas taco which was fine.

The flavor in the tacos were certainly there. The mushrooms and cauliflowers were cooked in the same marinade as the carnitas providing them some nice flavor. The pickled onions  and sprouts gave it a vibrant visual look that also tasted great. Our biggest issue with the tacos and enchiladas were how big of a mess it was to eat. There was a lot of oil and grease in the tacos which left our fingers with a slight orange stain upon finishing them. We were hoping for something cleaner and a bit healthier but our plates were soaked in oil, sauce and grease. Had they been a bit cleaner, we would have loved these tacos.

Consuelo's Street Grill

Consuelo's Street Grill

After our visit, I looked at other pictures of people’s visits to Consuelo’s Street Grill and it didn’t look like their visits were similar to ours in looks. The pictures looked much different. We love their concept and what they are trying to do with their menu and using local but the total execution of it was a little lacking on our visit.

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