Emerson Biggins East in Brittany Center now closed

Emerson Biggins

What was once Tanners, The Cedar, Larry Bud’s and Blarney Stone can now add another former name to it.

Emerson Biggins East (21st & Woodlawn) which took over Blarney Stone last year appears to be closed. Friends noticed they started clearing everything out and then last night, everything looks to be gone. Their patio is empty and their Facebook page has been taken down.

Plagued by many reports of horrendous customer service and long waits, people just couldn’t find many reasons to go. I gave them many tries but after waiting over 20 minutes to get service, my friends and I quit going there many many many many months ago.

What does the future hold for the building? After multiple failed attempts, is it time to change that location to something else besides a bar?

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1 thought on “Emerson Biggins East in Brittany Center now closed”

  1. Noooooooooo!!!!! The service got better and the tatertots were amazing. It was also Patty Ryan’s way back when. I hope it opens as something again. That area needs a sports bar.

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