Georges French Bistro Revisited

Georges French Bistro

One thing I’ve never done is had dinner at Georges French Bistro. When they opened in the fall of 2015, I’ve stopped by for lunches and desserts but have never been for what I’ve been told is a delicious dinner offering. Fortunately a weekly outing called for a dinner visit, and I was finally able to stop in.

4618 E Central Ave Suite 50
Wichita, KS 67208

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Their menu is available online. For our group outing, we started off with four different appetizers: calamari, escargot, mussels & frites and poutine. Due to the size of our table, I wasn’t able to get snapshots of everything. Rest assured though everything was wonderful. From the biggest pieces of calamari I’ve ever seen in a Wichita restaurant to the rich and delicious poutine, there wasn’t a single complaint from all those involved. In big group settings, sometimes people are hesitant to reach for the appetizers but that wasn’t the problem for us. We ordered four appetizers and had four happy plates.

Georges French Bistro
Georges French Bistro
Georges French Bistro
Mussels & Frites

Some people opted for French onion soup instead of a salad. It wasn’t salty nor overly sweet. The best part was it didn’t come off with such an overpowering onion aftertaste. It was spot on and easily one of the best in town.

Georges French Bistro

For dinner, everything was ordered from the marlin to scallops to crêpes to an assortment of steaks.

I ordered the marlin and loved it. It had a similar taste to tuna but the texture was a little tougher. It was actually pretty close to shark in terms of texture but tasted so much better. One of my colleagues gave me a scallop to try and it was game over for me after the first bite. It was debating hard between ordering the scallops and the marlin but was glad I was able to try both.

For the others around the table, it was all smiles. Everybody commented on how well cooked their dishes were and more impressed with the quality of it all.

Georges French Bistro

Georges French Bistro

Georges French Bistro

It didn’t end there. We ordered the Pate A Choux Porfitoire, éclair, and opera cake.

After everybody was able to sample each of the desserts, there was no debate that the éclair was the favorite. I wish I could describe how amazing it was but words would not do it justice. Writing about it right now makes me want to go in this week to order five to go.

Georges French Bistro

Georges French Bistro

We firmly believe that Georges French Bistro is one of those restaurants, you can close your eyes, point at a menu item blind and still be happy.

The service for our large party of twelve was taken care of. They were on top of everything from refilling drinks to removing empty plates.

I really need to find a reason to return to Georges French Bistro soon. Anybody’s birthday coming up?

Happy Dining,

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