Nora’s Kitchen: Good Food, Good Causes

Nora's Kitchen

A brand new food truck had their big opening this weekend. Nora’s Kitchen has a goal to serve the freshest food to the Wichita community. They source local vendors such as Kan-Grow Hydro Farm to make their meals. Their first event took place outside Wesley Medical Center on Friday and we stopped by to check out their Vegan menu and see if it was worthy of joining the fleet of fantastic food trucks already roaming the streets of Wichita.



Cash/Card Accepted

My cousin and I went over lunch and they had the following menu available:

Nora's Kitchen

My cousin went with the Sesame Ginger Salad while I ordered the Falafel Salad. They also had a Lemon Vanilla Matcha Tea for $2 that my cousin tried. She said it was good but had a strong powerful lemon taste to it; probably not something you’d want a big huge cup of.

Nora's Kitchen

The orders didn’t take long at all to prepare and within five minutes or so, we had our lunches and were off.

Nora's Kitchen
Sesame Ginger Salad
Nora's Kitchen
Falafel Salad

Keep in mind, salads is not something I order often at places as my main course. But this is my attempt at starting to broaden my horizons in what I eat.

Surprisingly, I was very impressed with the Falafel Salad. One thing it did was fill me up. The crunch falafel bites gave some texture and substance to the salad; it was the perfect complimentary addition. The hummus had a nice little tart flavor to it that wasn’t too strong. It mixed in quite well with the cashew tahini cream and the tomato-cucumber mint salad.

Meanwhile my cousin loved her Sesame Ginger Salad. Visually, it was very vibrant and inviting. The ingredients were very fresh and made for a great summer salad; light, refreshing and delicious. While she wasn’t too fond of the dumplings noting they had a weird taste, everything else was more than satisfactory and a salad she’d order again.

Earlier while waiting at Nora’s Kitchen, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between one of the owners and some customers. The owner’s daughter, Nora, passed away at the age of one. She is the namesake for the food truck the driving force for giving back to the community. After paying for my meal, I didn’t even realize that all tips given are donated. There was a sign that read all tips in July and August were donated to the Down Syndrome Society of Wichita. It was touching and made me feel better about dining out.

We considered it a solid addition to the food truck fleet and one we’d recommend to anybody. Good food and good causes are always a great reason to dine out. Best of luck to Nora’s Kitchen as they continue their venture in our city. Be sure to like them on Facebook.

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