Ranking Wichita’s Best and Worst Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts. I have this strange obsession with them. Sometimes I find it relaxing just pushing a cart around the grocery store. It’s weird I know. Then other times, I get really angered when people don’t put their shopping carts away as illustrated here.

While out shopping one afternoon, I noticed the quality of the shopping cart which led me to wonder, “Which store has the best shopping cart in town?”. For the purpose of this review, I stuck with the three major stores in town: Walmart, Dillons and Target. Now one could probably guess what the results of this major Wichita study is going to be but I had to go out and verify myself instead of assuming.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the results of the study:

3.) Walmart

Shopping Carts

Coming in dead last was Walmart. If you’re lucky like me, you may get a shopping cart with free used bottled water and Kleenex in your cart. The wheel alignment on these babies are usually awful. Steering them makes me think these carts should come with one of those ignition interlock devices for people who have DUI’s.

Ever see somebody walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes? That’s exactly how my shopping cart came out looking on my last visit.

2.) Dillons

Shopping Carts

Dillons shopping carts are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

Sometimes, I’ll get a perfect shopping cart that steers perfectly and other times it wobbles making people think I have a “pimp walk” while cruising down the aisles. Dillon’s gets extra props for supplying the smaller short bus style carts too which I love as it’s the perfect size for my minimal grocery shopping needs.

Dillons is a huge step up from Walmart but still has their inconsistencies which prevents them from being number one.

1.) Target

Shopping Carts

When it comes to shopping carts, Target’s is the Mercedes-Benz Maybach in the industry.

Built likes tanks, these carts are still glide down the aisles with ease. The tough plastic exterior can take a beating in any extreme condition like Black Friday or the frantic Sunday morning Mother’s Day shopping when men across the country swing by last second to get flowers, cards and assorted gifts. Target’s carts can also perform a perfect 90-degree turn in the aisles whereas Walmart require an extra wide turn like a semi. They are also sturdy enough carry a lot of weight. They are so sturdy that I believe I could recreate the scene from the Titanic but on the actual cart. Who’s with me?

If you base your shopping based on the carts supplied, then Target is your winner. After stopping by the three major stores in Wichita, it was the easiest of decisions to make that they supplied the highest quality cart.

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