Wadadli Island Cuisine: Food truck specializing in food native to Antigua

Wadadli Island Cuisine

A couple of months ago, a new food truck joined the Wichita fleet hoping to separate themselves from the pack. Wadadli Island Cuisine serves dishes native to Antigua. We stopped by this past week to get a glimpse of the new truck and try our hands at some island cuisine.

Plans to park at 6050 N. Prospect Road every Thursday and Friday from 11am – 2pm

Facebook (Check their Facebook page for updates on where they will be at)


Cash/Card Accepted

Their menu posted on Facebook looks to be a full glance of what they are able to serve but it appears each day, it could be a little different. For our visit, they had Chicken Curry, Jerk Chicken, Roti and an assortment of sides. If you’re wondering what roti is, it’s essentially a wrap and stuffed with curry stew, potato and different meats ranging from chicken, duck, goat, beef or shrimp.

Wadadli Island Cuisine

Given there were just a few items on the menu, I went ahead and did the “I’ll take everything on the menu” as it was going to be lunch for my colleagues. The speed of the food is something I’ll touch on later as that was a whole other issue. But here’s what everything looked like.

Wadadli Island Cuisine
Curry Chicken
Wadadli Island Cuisine
Jerk Chicken
Wadadli Island Cuisine
Side of rice & peas
Wadadli Island Cuisine
Wadadli Island Cuisine
Inside the roti
Wadadli Island Cuisine
Sorrell juice

One colleague loved his roti. The potatoes and chicken inside were excellent according to him. He thought the portion size was fantastic. He had a side of rice and peas with it and felt it was nothing to write home about. While the portion was great as well, it was just basic rice to him. But going back to the roti, he said it’s something he’d definitely order again. Another colleague had the curry chicken and thought it was great too. She loves curry anything and liked how it had a light curry taste to it. It didn’t overpower you like some other curry dishes around town. I had the jerk chicken and the skin was very tasty; it had that nice jerk marinade flavor stuck to it. The chicken itself was somewhat juicy in certain portions but was missing a little something. Once you got past the skin, you couldn’t tell it was jerk chicken. The mac and cheese bake was an excellent side to both chicken meals though.

Overall portion sizes were nice and it was one of those trucks where you got your bang for your buck.

The biggest issue we had with Wadadli Island Cuisine was punctuality. When any restaurant or food truck advertises they will be open at a certain time for lunch, the expectation is they’ll be ready to go at that time. In the case of this visit, they were roughly 45 minutes late starting which sucks if you’re stopping by for lunch and arrive when they said they’d be open. It didn’t appear that being late was something beyond their control; it was all prep time getting up and going. Had we not really wanted to try it for a review, we would have tried another truck. It was a huge annoyance and something they didn’t really appear to be sympathetic to.

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