Local Spotlight: Sarah Jane’s Jalapeno Mustard

Sarah Janes Salsa

I stopped by the Kansas Grown Farmers’ Market at 21st & ridge over the weekend. It was my first time there and I loved every second of it. It was fun walking from stand to stand and looking at the assortment of local produce, vendors, crafts and other items on sale. At this point, the thought crossed my mind. Perhaps it would be pretty cool to expand this blog to include Kansas made products.

Walking at these types of events, I am such a sucker for impulse buys. But I warned my friend to not let me get carried away. It was her responsibility to make sure I chose just one item to buy and review. After browsing through the multiple vendors on hand, there was one condiment that caught my eye.

A local vendor called Sarah Jane’s based out of Argonia, KS had some salsa and other condiments on sale. They source local produce from growers located in Cheney, Conway Springs and Mayfield, Kansas. Loving all things spicy, I sampled their jalapeno relish and jalapeno mustard. They also had jalapeno jelly and salsa on hand which I did not try at the time.

Sarah Janes Salsa

Sarah Janes Salsa

The jalapeno mustard was served to us on a cracker and I instantly knew I wanted to buy a bottle. This jalapeno mustard is a sauce and a dip. It had a spicy initial bite but then sweetened up on the aftertaste. I was told this would be excellent on hotdogs and hamburgers and even better in deviled eggs and potato salad; all things that I love. A 12 ounce bottle runs $8 and is was worth every penny.

Sarah Janes Salsa

While in line, I happened to see an old friend who was shopping with his kids and highly recommend Sarah Jane’s to me as well. That was all the confidence I needed to make the purchase. Once I arrived home, I immediately opened up the jar and started eating it on anything I could find.

If you’re curious, here’s what all they sell:

Be sure to look them on Faceook. You can find more information on Sarah Jane’s you can reach them at 316-218-8618 or through these mediums:


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  1. Discovered Sara Janes a few year ago. It is all just sooo good. You can buy it in our local Dillons store in Wichita. Love it

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