Our return visit to Fetch Bistro after Gordon Ramsay’s renovations

Fetch Bistro

As most people know by now, Fetch Bistro appeared on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s show ‘24 Hours to Hell and Back‘.  A friend and I had the opportunity to try the food while Chef Ramsay was in town. Everything was truly exceptional. Of course with him there, everybody was on their best behavior and the kitchen was doing what they could to impress him while being filmed.

A regular visit to Fetch Bistro when the cameras are gone and the celebrity chef not assisting anymore could very well be different. I’ve been asked by many people if I have gone back to see if the food has held up since my November visit.  Just recently, the same friend who appeared with me on the show along with our significant others stopped by to see how the restaurant has fared since the filming.

7718 E 37th St N Ste. 500
Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Friday: 11am -9pm
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On our original visit, Chef Ramsay slimmed down the menu to just a handful of items. Since then, they’ve expanded the menu and brought back breakfast. Here’s a copy of the entrees.

Fetch Bistro

We stuck with ordering just the items we had during the show’s filming: grilled fish tacos, chicken & biscuits, Fetch Bistro burger, cobb salad and the meatloaf dinner.

For starters, the wait was long. The restaurant was half full that day but we sat there for a while wondering where our food was at. Our server eventually stopped by our table, apologized and told us there were a bunch of new employees in the kitchen had been struggling lately. That’s probably not a good sign for a restaurant that should be hitting on all cylinders to gain traction on the buzz from their show appearance.

After a while, most of our order was delivered. The salad was fairly basic and my friend’s wife wasn’t too impressed as it lacked that freshness she was expecting. My friend did like her grilled fish tacos but two tacos for $14 is a hefty price to pay. The meatloaf dinner wasn’t as good as I remember.  It was a bit more salty than I would have liked. One of our favorite items on our original visit was the chicken & biscuits. The gravy really stood out and on our return, the gravy was still very tasty. Once again it was our favorite dish of them all.

Eventually our server brought out the Fetch Bistro burger. She apologized for how late it arrived and we think it took a lot of time because it was overcooked. My friend requested it to be cooked medium but there was no visible sign of pink within the burger. It was mostly brown and black. We didn’t complain at all and just let it be and moved on with our lunch.

One thing we all noticed was the plate presentation looked as though the food was just thrown on the plate and served. I’m not sure if that’s a big deal to some people but even when our chicken & biscuits were brought out, the biscuit was barely hanging on the plate.

Fetch Bistro
Cobb Salad
Fetch Bistro
Chicken & Biscuits
Fetch Bistro
Grilled Fish Tacos
Fetch Bistro
Meatloaf Dinner

Fetch Bistro

The debate about dogs in a restaurant seems to be a big deal with Fetch Bistro. The general consensus is people either like it or don’t. The same owners’ dogs who appeared on the episode also made quite the appearance at our table. At one point, both dogs came up and put their heads right by our food, begging for a bite. We were put off by it. We are all dog lovers but having dogs roam around freely and come right up to your table is uncomfortable especially when their heads are mere inches away from your food. Preventing dogs to run the place was actually one of the points Chef Ramsay brought up and it looks to be a suggestion that was ignored by the owners.

We had high hopes that Fetch Bistro would maintain the quality of food and continue to implement the suggestions offered by Gordon Ramsey. Unfortunately, our experience was nowhere near that during filming. The food was mostly mediocre, the service was not great and the dogs roaming the restaurant and putting their heads on our table makes it unlikely for a return visit.

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5 thoughts on “Our return visit to Fetch Bistro after Gordon Ramsay’s renovations”

  1. Agreed. We’re tried it both before and after. Food has always been ok, but dogs and water bowls and barking, it’s all too much.

    We have two dogs at home. We love dogs, but it’s just off-putting in a restaurant environment. Won’t go back.

  2. It seems like most of these places on these shows don’t quite hold up, if they stay open at all. It makes for good TV, but let’s face it, Gordon Ramsey is they key to success… Or at least someone with his knowledge and business sense. It’s no surprise that these were your findings. Thanks for the update.

  3. It would be interesting to find out what Fetch Bistro is doing almost a year later. The name changed to Fetch Bar & Grill. Are the same owners there? Staff? How is it now?

  4. We were passing through Witchita by car on a mid Aug 2018 evening traveling home to Alabama with our dog. We happened upon Fetch Bistro looking for a supper restaurant that was dog friendly. The food was very comforting and tasty. There was a special dog menu for our westie. He gobbled it up needless to note. The owner’s standard poodles visited us at our table which added to the charm. If you like good food and enjoy having friendly dogs around you all the time this restaurant is for you. I wanted a Kansas City steak when we got off the road and I got a really good one with mashed potatoes and the best mushroom gravy I have ever tasted

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