Restaurante Delicias Authentic Mexican Food Review


Recently Restaurante Delicias opened in the former El Pollo Dorado and Antojitos Salvadoreno location. The menu, which will be available at the end of this blog, has menudo, birria, tortas, tostadas, shrimp cocktail, tacos, enchiladas, pupusa, sopes, quesadillas and other traditional Mexican favorites. In a city where new Mexican restaurants seem to pop up weekly, we still made our way out to give them a try.

2117 E Central Ave
Wichita, KS 67214

Open Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

If you’ve been to either El Pollo Dorado or Antojitos Salvadoreno, you’ll remember there isn’t much seating available.

When you arrive, you order at the counter and the staff will bring your food to you. While you wait, you’re given complimentary chips and salsa. The hotter red salsa brings a lot of heat which I had to hold off on. Meanwhile, the green salsa brought a phenomenal lime flavor with a small amount of heat towards the end. I found myself going through a couple bowls of it.


For dinner, we went with a variety of tacos, sopes and pupusas. The al pastor and suadero tacos were our favorite. They were tender, flavorful and filling despite their size. We found the chicken to be pretty dry and very unmemorable.

If you love sopes, Delicias has some excellent ones. We ordered an al pastor and suadero sope and really enjoyed them. They were constructed well and easy to pick up and eat.

Last on the list was the pupusas. We love pupusas and will order them anytime they are on the menu. Unfortunately Delicias failed to deliver on the pupusas. It was served with a small side of pickled vegetables which lacked that complimentary flavor commonly found at other restaurants. The pupuas were also dry and a little overcooked.  As you can imagine, we were let down.




When it comes to competition in Wichita, Mexican food is probably the toughest and most saturated market of them all. While Delicias had some high notes like their tacos and sopes, I’m just not sure if it was enough to compete with everybody else in town. One thing they do have though that is enough to get a return visit from me is Chivo which essentially goat stew. I’ve never had it before and anybody that knows me knows I’m a sucker for unique dishes. So you can expect a follow up on that soon.

Here’s their menu:

Delicias Delicias Delicias

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