Talliano’s Pizzeria Lunch Buffet Review


A long time ago, I used to work in Derby. I never traveled much around the city to enjoy what restaurants they had. One place everybody raved about so much was Talliano’s Pizzeria. Their pizza buffet had such a cult following . Recently, I stopped by with my niece to check it out and see what the hype was all about.

408 N. Baltimore
Wichita, KS 67037

Open Daily: 11am – 10pm
Buffet available from 11am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The buffet includes pizza, pastas, cheese sticks, salad and dessert. Lunch is $5.69 while dinner is $5.89. For kids under 12, it’s 50 cents per year of age. So, a six-year-old would be $3. The pricing alone is an INCREDIBLE value. The place was packed on my lunch visit.

Here’s a visual of what is available on the buffet line.







I wasn’t in love with everything at Talliano’s. It was certainly better than what I’ve experienced at CiCi’s or Gambino’s Pizza buffet but not anywhere in line with the best pizza ever. For the $5 and change I spent for myself and the $4 for my niece, we enjoyed what we had. It was satisfying and filling.

Nearly everything on the buffet line was fresh thanks to how busy it is. I could see how Talliano’s draws a big crowd: good service, very affordable and decent pizza Everything was clean and all requests made my customers were always accommodated.

After leaving and reading the reviews, it appears I need to go back and try the white sauce that so many people were talking about online. Would it be enough to put me over the edge as a Talliano’s Pizzeria cult fan status? I don’t know but all the hype it was given may be worthy of a return visit.

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