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Last year was my first time at the Kansas State Fair in many years. I had so much fun at the fair, I ended up going multiple times throughout the course of the event. This year, I made a point to take the day off work and go spend an entire day there.

There were many new fried food items on hand. I tried to stop by a few of them as well as visit some of the other popular stands with my family. If you plan on making it out to Hutchinson for the fair which I highly recommend, here’s a look at our day of dining at the fair.

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs
I loved deviled egg anything so when this new creation was announced, it was a no brainer for me. The deep fried deviled eggs cost $6 and have a few different options. I went with the jalapeno deviled eggs. Unfortunately I couldn’t really tell it was jalapeno but for a deviled egg, I was happy. I’d highly recommend getting a side of sriracha to dip it in if you want some heat though.

Kansas State Fair

MoonPie Burger
This creation will run you a smidge under $9. It’s found at Bernard’s Pit Stop Bar-B-Q at Cottonwood Court. It consists of grilled onions, bologna, cheese, burger patty, hash browns and a chocolate MoonPie. Honestly to this moment, I’m still not sure what to make of this burger. It was a total gut bomb and am indecisive on whether I like it or not. If you love crazy foods, it’ll have to be something you try for yourself.

Kansas State Fair

Pronto Pup
You can’t go to the fair and not get a pronto pup right? At $3.50, they are one of the cheaper items out at the fair. I highly recommend the German mustard and the Grannie’s Honey Mustard.

Kansas State Fair

Roasted Corn
For $5, you get your choice of corn on the cob or corn in the cup at the Original Corn Roast. Then you can douse it with a huge variety of toppings. This is a must for anybody who wants to make their day corny and fun. The kids LOVE this stuff. “Hey kids, what do you want for dessert?” Their response was corn.

Kansas State Fair

Old Texas Root Beer
If you love root beer, this is a deal for you! For $14-20, you can buy a mug. The mug allows you to then get free refills on root beer and iced tea all day. If you bring the mug back, you pay $6 each day to get a stamp for unlimited refills on additional days. There are many Old Texas Root Beer stations throughout the fair to keep your mugs full. We tried all the flavors and vanilla root beer was hands down our favorite.

Kansas State Fair

Salt City Brewing Company
Need a quick adult beverage? Local Hutchinson brewer, Salt City Brewing Company, is on hand this year. I recommend their Octoberfest beer. It’s smooth and has a sweet aftertaste you’ll love.

Kansas State Fair

Chicken Noodles
Found at the South Hutchinson United Methodist Church stand, it’s the perfect comfort food for the dreary day. The kids went even as far as to say it was better than their grandmothers!!!! That’s high praise that will be sure to please a lot of people….. well besides grandma.

Kansas State Fair

Fried Catfish
Kansas Catfish is on hand inside Cottonwood Court to serve a Kansas delicacy. We enjoyed this thoroughly as it was a nice break away from the crazy fried foods we were trying all afternoon.

Kansas State Fair

Cheese Curds
While I don’t get the appeal of cheese curds, my family went through this as if it was going out of style.Kansas State Fair

Salted Caramel Ice Cream
The Dairy Bar has a new “Flavor of the Fair”. Fans were able to vote on the flavor they wanted this year and Salted Caramel won. In an era where the outcome of voting draws a lot of debate in this country, this is one vote we can all get behind.

Kansas State Fair

That covers our visit at the first day of the fair. I will be back again this weekend with more of what you can expect to see at the State Fair. I’m excited to go back and cover even more this year.

For more information on the fair, head to the Kansas State Fair website.

Happy Dining,

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