Bai Wei Asian Diner open late so you can eat great

Bai Wei

If you’re looking for a late night dinner in town that isn’t breakfast or Mexican food, your options are severely limited. Fortunately there’s on Asian diner that stays open until 4:30am. It’s Bai Wei Asian Diner on south Rock Road.

1845 S Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67207

Tuesday – Saturday: 4:30pm – 3am
Closed on Sunday & Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

Bai Wei’s menu consists of many Chinese favorites. With no web presence, it’ll be hard to find up to date information on them. Here’s the menu they had on the evening we stopped by.

Bai Wei

For starters, I went with the hot & sour soup as that’s always hard for me to pass.

At $5.50, I was very unimpressed with the meal. It tasted more like egg drop soup. So much in fact, I had to ask my server to confirm it was indeed their hot & sour soup. It tasted nothing like any other one I’ve had before.

Bai Wei

For dinner, I went with a Spicy Beef Bai Wei dinner that came at the recommendation of the server. It came with a bowl of rice. Then the other diner went with their fried rice. Both entrees came out in family style portions allowing you to share with other guests at the table.

After being upset with my starter, I was thoroughly happy with the spicy beef dinner. It was tender, flavorful and more than enough for two people. I had to compliment the chef on a job well done. My guests also enjoyed their fried rice. As I mentioned earlier, the portion size was amazing. I believe they ordered the spicy curry chicken fried rice. I blame my old age on forgetting. Regardless everybody was more than pleased with the dinner entrees.

Bai Wei

We don’t go out often for Chinese food but our stop here was more good than bad and deserving of a second go around. The meals were really good and made for even better leftovers. With their late hours, it makes it a convenient option if we are ever at past the midnight hour. People working late shifts should also find this as very accommodating.

The only other pain point we had was the service. They were very hit and miss. The dinner didn’t take long to arrive but after that, they were too busy in the back eating their food to fill up our drinks in a timely manner or even hand us our tickets. It wasn’t so bad though to deter us from going back.

Happy Dining,

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  1. This is the best, most authentic Chinese food in town. Closest to the food I had in China compared to any place in a 200 mile radius.

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