Cactus Cantina & Grill: Authentic Mexican dishes at its best

While driving around Wichita, there’s one Mexican restaurant I’ve seen so many times but have never stopped by. The little adobe-like building on south Hydraulic has been mentioned many times online and just recently, I was able to stop by for a late night dinner. Cactus Cantina & Grill has been highly recommended by so many readers. Now it’s time for us to see if it’s worth recommending to others.

2802 S Hydraulic
Wichita, KS 67216

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The colorful interior with Mexican decor all over is the very first thing you’ll notice when stepping inside. Immediately afterwards we were greeted by what happened to be the colorful and really engaging owner. He walked us over to our table and soon after brought us complimentary chips and salsa. I loved the hotter of the two salsas while my girlfriend stuck with the milder one. The chips were lightly salted but had enough crispness to dip into the salsa. It was a great start to our dinner.

Cactus Cantina & Grill

While in south Wichita and late into the evening, I wouldn’t have expected to run into some friends at a small hole in the wall restaurant but that I did. I should have known better with the following Cactus Cantina had. My friends asked if I was blogging that evening which I said I was. They wanted to make sure everybody knows Cactus Cantina has some of the best margaritas in town and it was one of their favorite Mexican restaurants in town. Thanks Lily and Stephen.

When it was time for us to order. We asked the owner for some recommendations. He glanced at us as if he was a mind reader and could pick out a dinner spot on for us. He suggested I get the tamales with pork over the top and then chicken con queso for my girlfriend. Both were phenomenal and good sized portions for the money; excellent value. The tamales were top notch but the pork over the top as the owner recommended elevated the meal to a whole new level. The chicken con queso was flavorful but light. It wasn’t a heavy dish and right up her alley on what she was expecting for dinner.

Cactus Cantina & Grill

Cactus Cantina & Grill

Since there are a lot of people who love fried tacos, I ordered one for the hell of it. The fried taco doesn’t have that burnt shell flavor or greasy feel that many others in town offers. It was fried perfectly and the shell did an amazing job of holding everything in tact. Honestly, it was one of the better fried tacos I’ve had in town.

Cactus Cantina & Grill

From the service to the food to the price, we were more than happy on a last minute decision to stop by Cactus Cantina. We often go to Mexican restaurants and strictly order tacos so it was a nice change of pace to try some other authentic dishes. There’s a lot of recommendations given for them and we now know why.

Here’s their menu:

Cactus Cantina & Grill

Cactus Cantina & Grill

Cactus Cantina & Grill

Happy Dining,

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  1. It is a down trodden, 67216 location in Wichita, and I can remember what was there before the current restaurant, so that does go back years. My first experience there was really good. perfect Margarita, and delicious beef dish that was mouth watering. Second time, Margarita not quite as good, but still very good. Dish was a bit low on Chile sauce, but perfectly yummy still. I think it is an undiscovered gem in South Wichita, and proprietor is fun, staff eager and helpful.

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