Electric Pizzeria Review

Electric Pizzeria

Earlier this year, a new pizzeria opened up in the former Wheat State Pizza building at the Towne Center in Derby, KS. Electric Pizzeria, who describes themselves as family-style pizza, is hoping to succeed in a city that has had a couple closings of locally owned pizza restaurants. With Wheat State Pizza and Picasso’s Pizzeria having failed in Derby, let’s see if Electric Pizzeria has what it takes to buck that trend.

236 W Greenway St
Derby, KS 67037

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 11am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

My brother and I decided to order some pizzas for my nephew’s birthday party. With it taking place in Derby, we opted to order carryout from Electric Pizzeria. We ordered three pizzas. Here are the descriptions of each pizza as found on their menu:

  • Pepperoni Master: Pepperoni under mozzarella, topped More pepperoni with cupping pepperoni on top
  • Sweet Hot: Italian sausage, with chicken breast, spicy sweet red peppers, bacon and cream cheese. Topped with arugula and a drizzle Thai chili sauce.
  • BBQ Chicken: Red sauce, BBQ dry rubbed hickory smoked Chicken Thighs, with onions and Mozz, topped with a drizzle of your choice of Memphis Sweet Hot Vinegar BBQ, or KC Brown Sugar BBQ sauce, onions, and Provolone.

Electric Pizzeria had a drive thru window that made it convenient for us to make the pick up.

With the whole family there, it was easy to gather a lot of opinions on the pizza. We ordered thin crust for the BBQ Chicken and the Sweet Hot and Old World crust for the Pepperoni Master. Everybody was a bigger fan of the Old World Crust. It was crispy on the outside but the inside had a nice texture. Meanwhile, most of us weren’t fans of the thin crust. It was thicker and more dense than what any of us preferred. Possibly calling it “Not So Thin Crust” was one suggestion one person had.

The Sweet Hot was a sweet hit for everybody at the party. The Thai chili sauce offered a nice little kick that really separated it from the other pizzas. Every ingredient was very complimentary of each other and made for a delicious pizza. The Pepperoni Master was greasy but Electric Pizzeria did warn us it would be but the kids had no problems with it. The least liked pizza was the BBQ Chicken. We forget which sauce we ordered but it wasn’t too well received. At many times, the onions were really overpowering on each bite.

There was one surprise from my family though. While eating, my mother comes over to me to inquire where I picked up the pizza. When I told her, she was shocked and said, “We need to stop ordering Pizza Hut then!” She was easily the biggest fan of Electric Pizzeria. And in my family, when it comes to choosing where to eat, everything runs through her.

Electric Pizzeria

Electric Pizzeria

Electric Pizzeria

The only minor other complaint from some in the group was the price. Three 12 inch pizzas, which was the second smallest size of the four offered, cost us $45. Compared to some other pizza places, that is actually on par with what you may pay without coupons or special offers. But, it’s something worth noting as some of you may find it a little costly.

Otherwise, there were more compliments than complaints on Electric Pizzeria with the biggest applause coming from the matriarch of our family. With my mother being a big fan, it’s likely we will be going back.

Happy Dining,

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