Fun things we enjoyed at the Kansas State Fair (besides food!)

All of our focus seems to have been on the food at the Kansas State Fair but it’s time to focus on some other things besides dining. My friends, family and I have been to the fair multiple times over the past week and have enjoyed everything the fair has to offer.

With the fair ending this Sunday, you still have some time to get out and make a day out of it. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve done.

Midway Rides
The kids love the rides. This year, there’s a new ride called the Bullet Train. It’s a little mini-roller coaster for people of all ages. While smaller in stature and still bigger than the kiddie coasters, this was a fun little ride that most of the kids enjoyed on our trip up. Of course for those kids who are too small, there is a kiddie roller coaster which I rode 15 times with my niece. My legs and knees still hurt from trying to fit in that seat. There are also some other fun rides away from the Midway like the Ye Old Mill which takes you underground and faintly reminds me of the old Whacky Shack at Joyland.

State Fair

The Animals
Who doesn’t love animals? We stopped by the petting zoo and let the kids feed the animals for a dollar. There were also other buildings you could visit cows, pigs, sheep, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens and various other animals. Some animals were also walking around letting the kids pet them. Just be careful, it does get a little smelly!

State Fair

Krazy Maze
This was a family favorite. For $5, you go through a big maze and try to find the letter M, A, Z and E. Once you find each letter, you find the exit and you’re done. Most people take around 7-10 minutes. My brother and sister-in-law beat me the last time we went. Yes, I suck at this.

State Fair

Cosmo Universal Art
Check Cosmo Universal out on YouTube. He’s at the fair every year. I call him Hip Hop Bob Ross. He’s amazing and mesmerizing. State Fair

The Games
I’m such a sucker for games. Our two favorite games are Bowler Roller and basketball. Bowler Roller cost a quarter to play. If you can get the bowling ball to land on the other side of the hill within the game, you win a prize. That’s it! As for basketball, you shoot a free throw in a mis-shaped hoop. Nearly each day I go to the fair, I go to each one and win a big stuffed animal for one of the kids. As a former intramural free throw champion, let me give you a pro tip on how to succeed. Shoot the free throw with a really high arc. So far my total stuffed animals wins this year is eight. I’m currently the kids’ hero at carnival games. I set the bar low in life.

State Fair

State Fair

There are plenty of other things we enjoyed as well like walking by and seeing all the vendors selling jams, jerky, shoes, books, and all sorts of other fun items. There are random different shows as well that take place. You’ll have to check the calendar of events for that. Regardless you have a few days left to check out the fair and I encourage everybody to check it out.

For more information on the fair, head to the Kansas State Fair website.

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