Burger King’s Cheesy Tots are back but is that a good thing?

Burger King

Fast food restaurants have long put out limited-time gimmick items in hopes of bringing in more customers. Burger King has revived their (so I’ve been told) “popular” cheesy tots. They describe them as:

Crunchy bite-sized snacks perfect at any time of the day – featuring a crispy outside and a warm mixture of potatoes and creamy American cheese on the inside.

You can purchase these for $2.19 and it comes in a pack of eight.

Burger King

Since we’re suckers for gimmick foods (or just food in general), my friends and I tried these at two separate times. First we must say the Burger King at Central and Oliver might be one of the worst in town. The service there is beyond horrible.

The cheesy tots are described as gooey, cheesy and delicious. What we ended up getting was none of the three. One of my friends who I consider to be a professional fast food eater was very displeased with the amount of cheese inside of the tots. He was expecting much more cheese considering how they were advertised.

It tasted like chemically processed cheese stuffed inside a frozen tater tot anybody could purchase at the grocery store. It was not gooey; it was not cheesy; it was not delicious.

Let us be your guinea pig in these gimmick foods. Save your money and avoid the cheesy tots.

Burger King
Burger King

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