Facebook group hoping to persuade Whataburger to come to Wichita


I typically don’t write about stuff like this. But when it comes to one restaurant that I wish would come to Wichita, it’s Whataburger.

Now of course there are people who may chime in and say we don’t need more national chains and should only support local. I get it and trust me when I say, I eat at more local restaurants than 99% of Wichita. So I don’t feel bad craving one last chain to come to our city. I have this affinity for Whataburger and always make two or three stops when I’m in Oklahoma or Texas. I always get their regular Whataburger which as their Facebook page claims weighs 316 grams and the area code of Wichita is 316…..is that a coincidence?

Whether it’s for fun or serious, there’s a Facebook group called Bring Whataburger to WichitaAs of this writing they have 1,114 likes. Looking at the about section, it appears it may be a school assignment.

This page is maintained by Wichita State Sport Management students involved in an assigned social media campaign to try to convince Whataburger restaurants to expand to Wichita, KS. This page and its owners are not and do not claim to be affiliated with the Whataburger organization, but we desperately want one to locate itself in Wichita!

Whatever it is, I’m all for it. While the likelihood of them coming is very low, I can always have a little hope. And maybe this Facebook group can increase that hope from 2% to 3%.

Their most recent post proclaim that Wichita should have a Whataburger for one reason: “It’s delicious.” I love it! Make my dreams come true Whataburger! Come to our city and I’ll eat there every day for one month and blog about it. Well maybe, I saw what happened in the movie Supersize Me.

Be sure to like  Bring Whataburger to Wichita on Facebook for some comical enjoyment.

Happy Dining,

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