First Look at Wichita’s newest restaurant: Korine’s Soul Food

Korine's Soul Food

There’s a new soul food restaurant that just opened up in Wichita. Korine’s Soul Food looks to revive an area of town as well as bring delicious food to the stomachs of many.  My parents and brother join me as we head out to 9th and Cleveland for our latest review.

1412 E 9th St N
Wichita, KS 67214

Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 8pm
Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: Noon – 7pm


Cash only

When we arrived, my dad who is and raised in Wichita said, “I haven’t been to this area of town in 50 years.”

Korine’s Soul Food is certainly off of the beaten path. It’s not a place you would just randomly drive by. But there are many great restaurants like Bomber Burger and Fried Rice that require you to take some side street to get to. We were hoping our visit would be just as good.

Inside the place is very small and seating is limited. I’m not sure what the fire code is for seating but it can’t be more than ten or so people. There were a few bar stools available on our visit and I believe they are looking to get more seating. This is certainly the type of place you’ll want to focus more on carry out though.

The menu at Korine’s looks like it changes day by day so you’ll have to check out their Facebook page to see what’s on tap.  For the day we went, they had tenderloin, fried chicken and catfish. They also had baked beans, potato salad, fried cabbage as sides along with peach pie and lemon cake for dessert. We ordered a little bit of everything.

Korine's Soul Food
Korine's Soul Food
Korine's Soul Food
Korine's Soul Food
Korine's Soul Food

The food took a little longer than expected but we can attribute that to some recent opening kinks they are probably trying to work out. It’s family owned and they were extremely nice. My parents having owned their own business can always appreciate a locally owned family business. My parents kept talking to the owners about how I know of all the great places to eat in town and that I was a…… I cut them off. My first rule about food blogging, you don’t go into a restaurant and tell them or give them reasons to believe you’re blogging. My parents nearly blew our cover.

Once we retrieved our food, my mom was so impressed with the amount of food. Each meal was $10 which included one entrée, two sides, bread, dessert and a drink. My mom was so impressed she mentioned it again later in the meal. One thing we did note was everything smelled incredible. It had all the aroma of what you’d expect from comfort foods.

Of all the meals we ordered, the catfish was by far the best. It was lightly breaded, seasoned well and delicious. My mom had it and loved it and what she says, goes. There were no problems with the sides either. I especially loved the fried cabbage. The two misfires for us were the tenderloin and the fried chicken. The fried chicken’s skin was very tasty but once you got into the interior of the chicken, as well as the tenderloin, it was more dry than juicy and succulent. My father appeared to be a little letdown by the tenderloin.

As for the desserts, they forgot our lemon cake so we were all left with just peach pie. It would have been better had we heated it up but after being full from lunch, everyone was too lazy to walk to the microwave. For cold peach pie, it was pretty good; lots of peaches, breading and great texture. I liked it.

Korine’s Soul Food is brand new and we’d likely go again especially since my mother is a fan. We will be checking out their daily menu on Facebook to see other things we may want. I noticed they had greens, spaghetti, and smothered pork chops which all sound good.

Happy Dining,

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