Learning how to cook with The Kitchen’s cooking classes

Something I’ve wanted to attend more of are events around town that are food related. This past summer, one of my favorite restaurants in town, The Kitchen offered cooking classes. I missed out on all of them. Fortunately, they started back up this October.

Kitchen Cooking Classes

I’ve used different pressure cookers like InstantPot and Mealthy over the past year and have failed every time. Mostly because I suck in the kitchen, am possibly illiterate when reading instructions but also because I was too lazy to teach myself how to use them properly. When I found out The Kitchen’s first class was InstantPot 101, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I signed up for the class and talked my girlfriend into signing up just in case I was lost on what all was being taught.

The class was $45 a person and took place on a Sunday afternoon. When we arrived, we were given the choice to sit where ever we wanted. We chose a spot with a great view of the InstantPot. Little manuals were also given to everybody who attended.

Kitchen Cooking Classes

For the next two hours, we learned all the ins and outs about InstantPot. We learned what we were doing wrong along with tips and tricks on how to save time. The owner of The Kitchen, Natasha Gandhi-Rue, went over tips and tricks that wowed all the students in the class.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to own an InstantPot to attend the class. In this class, she had the InstantPot’s on hand and showed people how to use it. Her lessons also applied to all pressure cookers, not just the InstantPot brand.

Kitchen Cooking Classes

During the class, Natasha made beef stew, mac and cheese and rice pudding. She gave us all the instructions and recipes we needed. The food was extremely delicious especially the rice pudding. Best of all, it was incredibly easy to make.

Kitchen Cooking Classes

Kitchen Cooking Classes

Over the two hours, we learned so much and were able to apply it in our daily use the next couple days. For instance, we made a chicken tortilla soup that came out just as expected. In past experiences, the food took longer to make and often times came out overcooked and soggy. But thanks to The Kitchen, we had zero issues. Moving forward we may have to turn this blog into an InstantPot Recipe Blog!

Would we attend another class there? 100%!

To learn more about The Kitchen’s cooking classes check out their Facebook page.  Also check out their restaurant at 725 E Douglas for some delicious food as well.


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