Must Try Menu Item: Pizza from Magoo’s Bar and Grill

Magoo's Bar and Grill

In our latest installment of my favorite feature on the blog: “Must Try Menu Item“, we take a risk and head out to a southside bar. Sometimes you walk into a place and have no idea what to expect from the food but we were quite surprised.

For this edition of the Must Try Menu Item, we tried the pizza at Magoo’s Bar and Grill. It was highly recommended to us we gave it a shot.

Pizzas there run around $10-16 depending on how much you want on your pizza. The average pizza will cost in the $10-12 range. On our visit, we asked for the server to surprise us. And surprised we were as it was fantastic. We were given a thin crust pizza with plenty of different toppings including pineapple since I have no problem with it being on a pizza.

The crust was about as perfect as you could get for thin crust. The cheese really held everything together as it should and it was just a damn good pizza especially for a bar.

Magoo's Bar and Grill

Often times bars will serve just your basic fried foods. I’ve even been to some bars where they serve microwave pizza. It was great to see Magoo’s step it up a notch and serve some quality food. I’ve drank here many times but now will have to add eating to my list of things to do there.

2304 S. Oliver St
Wichita, KS 67218


Cash/Card Accepted

Happy Dining,

Have a “Must Try Menu Item” that we should try? Feel free to email us your recommendation or comment below. We are always open to suggestions.

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