Our first and final visit to Iron Skillet Restaurants

There are Iron Skillets Restaurants all over the nation. They are located at TA Petro Shopping Centers and gas stations. Since 1975, the Iron Skillet Restaurant has been cooking up fresh food served by friendly folks. With over 65 locations featuring hand-cut steaks , scratch recipe favorites and their famous fresh salad bar and full buffet, the Petro Iron Skillet Restaurant has been voted best by professional truck drivers.

Everything you just read is what’s listed on their website. I’m no truck driver but I like to eat food. So let’s find out for ourselves.

2125 N 9th St
Salina, KS 67401

Open Daily 6am – 11pm


Cash/Card accepted

We’ve never been to an Iron Skillet Restaurant before so this was a first for us. We stopped by the one right off of I-70 for breakfast. They had a breakfast buffet going on so I opted for that while my girlfriend went with their omelette since the buffet line did not look at that appealing to her.

Here’s a basic look of their breakfast buffet that ran $9.99 a person.

Iron Skillet Iron Skillet Iron Skillet Iron Skillet Iron Skillet

I should have listened to her. The lettuce was all very discolored and the food looked as if it had been overcooked or sitting there for days.

Here’s a close up picture of their eggs to give you a better visual of what I mean.

Iron Skillet

The eggs had the texture of undercooked dry chicken. The bacon, I’m pretty sure was particle board that was cut up and colored to make it look like bacon. The french toast was chewy which was a first for me. The only halfway decent item on the buffet line were the hashbrowns. But overall the buffet was absolutely horrid.

Maybe the boxed cereal would have been a better option……

Iron Skillet

My girlfriend said her omelette was decent but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

Iron Skillet

If I thought the buffet line was bad, our service equally matched the quality of the food. Not one time did our server come back to refill our drinks or even check up on us. If I’m spending $2-3 on iced tea, at least give me ONE refill.

We didn’t even know how to pay for our food. We had to flag down another server to see if we paid at the front or if it was free due to the crap food and service. Eventually our server came back to hand us our ticket. We still left a tip despite the fact that she didn’t deserve one.

Next time we’re driving down I-70 by Salina and looking for food, we will just stop by the McDonald’s across the street.

Happy Dining,

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