Taco Rio: A fast food restaurant where their tacos aren’t empty

Taco Rio

There’s always a debate on where the best fast food taco restaurant is in town. In my circle of family and friends, Taco Tico and Taco Pronto, get a lot of votes. According to a nationwide survey, Taco Bell was actually voted the best Mexican restaurant. Yes, you read that right. But for some people in my circle, Taco Rio was given the nod. The only time I’ve ever been to Taco Rio was a drunken afternoon after a St. Patty’s day celebration at the Shamrock down the street. This review would be my first sober venture out to this fast food Mexican restaurant.

1022 W Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

At Taco Rio, their menu is larger than many of the other fast food Mexican restaurants in town. Here’s their menu:

Taco Rio

Before I continue with this review, I need to add a caveat. Not all tacos are created the same. When I’m comparing tacos, I would never compare a Taco Rio taco to a Tex Mex spot or an authentic street taco restaurant. It’s not apples to apples and there’s obviously a big difference in quality and taste. While I love a delicious street taco as much as the next person, there are times I crave a fast food taco. And let’s face it, sometimes the kids make the decision on where to eat and this is what they want.

On our visit to Taco Rio, we ordered a little bit of everything on the menu. We had burgers, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, rice and the chips and cheese sauce.

The kids LOVE the chips and cheese sauce. It’s a must every time they go now. There’s one key factor, we all love about Taco Rio. In anything you order, they do not skimp on the meat. If you get a taco, burrito or burger, they will pack that thing with as much meat as they can. We are so tired of the fast food places that give you a little sliver of meat. It’s like ordering a taco shell with a small side of meat. That’s not the case at Taco Rio.

Taco Rio
Taco Rio
Taco Rio
Taco Rio
Taco Rio

As for the food, you essentially know the quality you’re getting at a fast food restaurant. It’s rare any place will “wow” you but at the same time, if you’re satisfied that’s all that matters. At Taco Rio, I was happy and satisfied with what I had. The enchilada sauce was filling. The tacos were good enough for me; I really enjoyed their green chili sauce. For my girlfriend, Taco Rio is her favorite when compared to the competition and the kids love it too. So if we’re all voting on where to eat, it’s likely I’ll get outvoted and I’m OK with that.

My absolute favorite part about Taco Rio were the ladies working there. They’re attitude was so positive it was infectious. I told them it was pretty much my first time in to Taco Rio and everyone’s eyes lit up. They were chatty, engaging, and just a joy to be around. That right there will make any dining experience ten times better.

When it comes to fast food taco places, Taco Rio is certainly up there in the discussion for best in town.

Happy Dining,

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