What has happened to Marchello’s Restaurant?


So the title of this blog is ‘What has happened to Marchello’s Restaurant?’.

We aren’t trying to imply that they closed. What we are wondering is why has it suffered over time? One our first visit to Marchello’s seven years ago, we really enjoyed it. The value was great, the service was excellent and the food was a pleasant surprise.

But on our most recent visit to Marchello’s, it seems as though everything had suffered.

3107 S Seneca
Wichita, KS 67217

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: Noon – 9pm


Cash/Card accepted

It was an impromptu visit after playing a round of golf. We figured why not gorge ourselves with some Italian food?

Our visit started off with a quick visit to the salad bar. It was very basic with limited options. But for $1.99 added on to the price of our meal, we weren’t complaining too much.


My girlfriend had the Jambalaya (Chicken, shrimp, sausage, onions, green peppers, black olives, and spicy marinara on fettuccine with melted cheese and scallions) while I had the Taste of Italy (A trio of fine pasta, meat lasagna, fettuccine with chicken, and seafood ravioli with Alfredo sauce).

It took a long time for our food. Longer than any of our other visits to Italian restaurants. We looked around the place and it wasn’t all too busy. We might as well gone out and played another round of golf before our food arrived.

Once it was done and we started digging it, we were ultimately left with a feeling of “meh”. The Jambalaya wasn’t all too special. The spicy marinara sauce had more of a sweeter flavor than anything else and it just wasn’t good. Only the fettuccine with chicken stuck out as delicious out of the Taste of Italy. The meat lasagna was very basic while the seafood ravioli was way too fishy for my taste which was surprising given there was barely any actual seafood in the ravioli. It was just a dull dinner that we found to be mediocre.

Marchello’s used to be a great place to go to for their value. One meal was nearly $14 and the other $11. That was pretty close to par with many other competitors in town.



Marchello’s used to be a spot I’d rave about and recommend to others for their value, service and quality. But with increased prices and a drop in quality and service, I can no longer vouch for them. If it’s one thing Marchello’s and I have in common, it’s that time hasn’t been good to either one of us.

On to the next Italian place.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “What has happened to Marchello’s Restaurant?”

  1. Hi; Eddy
    I apologize for what happened the day of your visitation. Your order was not printed in kitchen, due to internet outage in the area for that time, when we noticed , your order and others were rushed to be taking care of. Majority of my customers want a little bit sweetness in the marinara sauce, but I thank your comment on my Alfredo sauce , mine is better than others , even the chains ( that’s what I have been told ). I would like to take an opportunity to thank my neighbor and surrounding area for supporting my establishment for the last 22 years. Hope your have a better experience next time at Marchello’s . Please look for new items in the menu, coming soon. Thank you very much for your input, and see you soon. Mickey Chef ,and owner

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