8 places to eat and 8 things to do in Wichita over the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. Many people will have friends and family coming in town to spend time over Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year. Around this time is when my inbox gets questions on recommendations on places to eat and things to do for their groups.

I’ve decided to put out a blog to help everyone make those choices. Back in 2015, I put out a list of ten restaurants to try over the holidays and decided not to repeat any of those restaurants in hopes of spreading the love around. Each of these recommendations are all in Wichita and good for parties of 6 or more. Be sure to check each of these places before going in to make sure they are open over the holidays as well. Otherwise enjoy these 16 places with your friends and family and let them know Wichita isn’t boring.

8 Things To Do

The Arcade

The Arcade
139 N Mead | Facebook

$10 for adults and $8 for kids gets you unlimited gaming with many old nostalgic arcade machines. There are also many pinballs to choose from at 50 cents a piece.

The Room

The Room
617 W Douglas Avenue | Facebook

Do some team building with your friends and family. They are one of the lowest cost escape rooms in town and great for parties of 6+. Work together and try your best to escape!

Blade & Timber

Blade & Timber
535 W Douglas Ave | Facebook

Grab your group, make a reservation and toss axes. Imagine darts but with actual axes.

Board and Brush

Board & Brush
1108 E Douglas Ave | Facebook

Find your creative side and create our own custom wood sign. No previous skill needed. An inept person like myself could do this.


Headshots Bar & Grill
2120 N Woodlawn | Facebook

Videogames, PC games, board games. They have all sorts of entertainment you can play at Headshots. It’s the ultimate gaming bar.

Aviate | Wichita Sports Forum
2668 N Greenwich Rd | Facebook

They are the largest extreme air sports trampoline park in Wichita – a massive 20,000-square-feet entertainment center

Bingo Casino

Bingo Casino
2431 E Mt Vernon St  | Facebook
540 N West St

Bingo isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. Grab your bingo dauber and enjoy a night of bingo at either Bingo Casino locations.

The Alley 
11413 E 13th St N | Facebook

Bowling, Hologate, Laser Maze, Go-Kart Racing, Escape Rooms, Arcade Games, Superdome Pizzas……..what else do you need?

holidays as well.

8 Places To Eat

Lola's Bistro

Lola’s Bistro
2146 N Collective Lane | Facebook

Please go and order the seared duck. It’s a great place to have a nice dinner with plenty of seating.

Alondra's Tacos

Alondra’s Tacos
1580 W 21st St | Facebook

Wichita has plenty of street taco options. So impress your friends and family and take them somewhere they may not be accustomed to. Bring cash.

Scotch & Sirloin

Scotch & Sirloin
5325 E Kellogg Dr | Facebook

Yes, although there’s a remodel and construction going on, they are still open. Get yourself a nice steak over the holidays.

Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant

Chiang Mai Thai
3141 S Hillside St | Facebook

Arguably the best Thai restaurant in Wichita. So many good options here.


HomeGrown Wichita Eatery
2835 N Maize Road | Facebook

If you’re out west and want breakfast, download the NoWait app and make your reservation here.

My Tho

My Tho
500 E Central Ave | Facebook

Planning on some hangovers during the holidays? Pho from My Tho will be necessary then. You’ll need cash here too.

Georges French Bistro

George’s French Bistro
4618 E Central Ave | Facebook

French food. Damn good French food. Need I say more?

Gabby's Peruvian

Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant & Catering
1002 S Seneca | Facebook

With their new Seneca location, they can now provide plenty of seating for all party sizes. Oh yeah, the Peruvian food is amazing.

To nominate your restaurant or event to be considered for a review, please email us with your restaurant information. We are always open to suggestions.

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