Aero Plains Brewing: Great place to kick back and have a couple drinks

Aero Plains Brewing

Here’s a review that’s been a long time coming. I’ve been here countless of times and taken many pictures but have been so behind on getting this out. Aero Plains Brewing is our latest review and it’s an injustice I’ve waited this long to write about them.

117 N Handley St
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Tuesday: 3pm – 9pm
Wednesday – Thursday: 3pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 12am
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Aero Plains Brewing

Pictures you’ll find in this blog literally span the past couple years worth of visits with the most recent visit taking place a couple months ago. Aero Plains Brewing has always been one of those stops for my friends and I when we want to grab a drink, be able to sit with each other and just enjoy the day.

I won’t try to bullshit you and act like I know everything about beer because I don’t. My friends usually have to explain everything for me. What I do know is if I enjoy the atmosphere and what I’m drinking, that’s all that really matters to me the customer. If my friends who are the beer connoisseurs enjoy what they are having while on a review with me, then that’s the cherry on top. Aero Plains has always hit those aspects for us.

Whether it’s spending time on the patio where the food trucks are parked at, playing darts or shuffleboard or just mingling at the tables, Aero Plains has not failed us once.

Aero Plains Brewing
Aero Plains Brewing
Aero Plains Brewing

Aero Plains Brewing also has one of the best flight presentations in the city. Norton’s Brewing company is up there. How cool are these? Aero Plains flights on an airplane display?

Aero Plains Brewing
Aero Plains Brewing

One of my favorite beers there as well as events around town like this past year’s River Fest was the Wingman Wheat. It has a light zesty orange flavor that isn’t overpowering. I could drink those for days. My buddies lately have really loved their Hefeweizen and the IPA.

Aero Plains Brewing

Aero Plains Brewing

I’ll leave the beer reviews to other forums but what I speak upon is my own experiences. Of all the breweries we’ve frequented in the city, Aero Plains has probably been the one we’ve gone to the most. We’ve always been able to find a seat, the service is always friendly, and the atmosphere is a little different than other popular places like Central Standard and Norton’s and that’s not a knock by any means. Each place has their own character just like any bar in town. For us, we’ve just come to like what Aero Plains has brought to the table literally and figuratively.


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