Chico’s Mexican Restaurant’s $1 Taco Tuesday Deal


The calendar has a list of every place we have found that has dollar tacos on Tuesdays. So looking for a cheap lunch, I decided to check one of those places on the list I haven’t ventured out to yet. After browsing through the list, I found one in the area I happened to be nearby – Chico’s Mexican Restaurant.

4407 W Maple St
Wichita, KS 67209

Closed on Monday
Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9:30pm
Sunday: 11am – 3pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Chico’s Mexican Restaurant offers dollar street tacos every Tuesday. When I stopped in, many customers already knew the deal and came specifically for the tacos. Before you order though, everyone is given complimentary chips and salsa. Both salsas had a nice consistency to them; not too runny or too thick. For the flavor, they were fairly basic – a good mix of tomatoes, onions and garlic. That didn’t prevent me from finishing both bowls off though. A lady actually came in to purchase a jar of their salsa so they definitely have their fan base.


For the tacos, Chico’s is limited to just two options: pork and beef. I asked for two of each which did not take long to arrive. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after the first bite I remember my eyes lighting up and thinking “These aren’t bad at all!”. I’ve been to some Mexican restaurants where the meat options are limited and the beef is very soggy, chewy or stale tasting. Chico’s really impressed me with the beef tacos as well as their pork tacos. The single tortilla gave me concerns that it’d also fall apart once I drizzled the salsa on but it did a fantastic job of holding everything together. As for the salsa, I was given two different kinds and they were ten times better than the other salsa I was given for the chips. They were both fantastic offering different levels of heat and flavor.


Every employee there was very attentive, smiling and taking care of customers. My server did an excellent job.

There are a ton of restaurants that offer tacos for a dollar on Tuesday. Chico’s doesn’t offer the full array of proteins you can find around town. But for what they do offer, they do a great job. They get a thumbs up for me on this visit.

Here’s their menu if you ever go on a separate day:





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