First Look at Mama Nith’s Crawfish

Mama Nith

You’ve heard by now there’s a new Viet-cajun seafood restaurant opening in Wichita. Mama Nith’s Crawfish has officially arrived. Their doors open to the public with a grand opening on November 17 but we stopped by beforehand to get a sneak peak at what readers and diners can expect on their first visit.

604 S. Topeka
Wichita, KS 67202

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

When you arrive, the best parking is in the parking lot just east of the building. Inside you’ll see a great little picture opportunity that says “Pinch Dat Tail, & Suck Dat Head”. Once you finish with that, you can then grab a table. The location seats roughly 90 people.

Mama Nith's Crawfish
Mama Nith's Crawfish

At your table, you’ll find the menu, some gloves and plenty of paper towels because let’s face it, it’s about to get messy. The menu is available at the end of this blog.

Mama Nith's Crawfish

We started off with an order of calamari and fried alligator. Both were lightly breaded and excellent portion sizes. Between the four of us, we finished these off with ease.

Mama Nith's Crawfish

Mama Nith's Crawfish

Knowing that we planned to order plenty of seafood, I figured I should order a light appetizer. In this particular case, most of you may refer to it as a a full entree. Yep, I pigged out and ordered the crawfish pho as my appetizer. The pho was surprisingly decent. It had a little fishier taste to it than your common pho which was perfectly fine. It included plenty of crawfish and sausage.

Mama Nith's Crawfish

Since it was a private opening, they didn’t have their full menu available that evening; most notably crawfish. So we went with what we could from their “Let the Good Times Roll” package. My family opted for snow crab legs, shrimp and mussels with a side of corn and sausage. We ordered it with the signature ‘Mama Nith’s Sauce’ and asked for the ‘Hot’ spicy level. That may have been the perfect combination because my family was in love with everything. There were nice big pieces of shrimp, good sized crab legs and plenty of mussels swimming in the Mama Nith’s sauce. At one point, I caught my brother drinking the sauce… was that good.

The aftermath:

Mama Nith's Crawfish

We were beyond satisfied and happy with our dinner. If you want validation of this here’s another reason. Since I started blogging in 2011, I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I have gone back to the same restaurant after a review the very next day. Well you can add Mama Nith’s Crawfish to the list. My family placed an order for more food including crawfish for pickup the next day. So we will be back to check out the crawfish sooner than later.

There’s a lot to be excited about for the newest restaurant opening in Wichita.

Here’s their menu:

Mama Nith's Crawfish

Mama Nith's Crawfish

If you’re wondering what market price was for the opening weekend, here are those prices. Missing is crawfish which was $9.99 per lb.

Mama Nith's Crawfish

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