Food Truck: Delicias La Dona Review

Delicias La Dona

While continuing down the reviews of north Broadway, I came across one truck that you likely have never heard of. Delicias La Dona is your typical cash only Mexican food truck that serves tacos, burritos, tortas, gorditas and other Mexican staples. They are parked immediately south of Galindo’s Fashion’s at 2108 N Broadway.

2108 N Broadway
Wichita, KS 67214

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 12am
Closed on Sunday

Cash Only

With the cooler weather coming on, I figured I should knock this little talked about food truck off my list before it became too cold.

Their menu didn’t include pricing. I was too lazy to ask what everything cost but did note that the tacos were $1.90 each before tax. They offer twelve different protein options that range from your basic asada and al pastor all the way to buche and lengua. I just kept my order basic with a few tacos. I tried the buche, lengua and al pastor. It took maybe 7-8 minutes for my tacos to be done. The tacos were served on a styrofoam plate with a side of green salsa.

This was one of the few times I couldn’t finish all my tacos. Aside from looking unappetizing, they didn’t taste good at all. I hate writing reviews like this because 1.) It sucks to possibly hurt a business and 2.) I feel like I wasted my money but each of the meats just felt very off. The buche (stomach) tacos had a weird flavor to it accompanied by an odd stench. The al pastor didn’t appear or even taste fresh.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I question where places get their meat from. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and trust its all safe and good. But after trying these tacos and throwing it away after a few bites, I had my concerns.

There are wayyyyyyy too many Mexican establishments on this street so I’ll be sticking to those other alternatives.

Delicias La Dona

Here’s their menu. Unfortunately it doesn’t include pricing.
Delicias La Dona

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