My quest to try every local restaurant in the city of Wichita is within reach


Eight years ago, I started this blog just trying one new restaurant a week. It was a fun to do at that pace and slowly helped me learn about all the food that was in Wichita. Since that very first blog in February of 2011, I’ve visited quite the number of restaurants.

I’ve always had a list on my computer that let me know all the restaurants I’ve been to. Over the past couple months, I decided to build that list out to include every restaurant I haven’t been to. Then last month, I decided to make that list public via our Food Directory page. You can sort it out by city, food trucks, whether it’s been reviewed, whether I’ve been to it, all the good stuff. Soon I’ll have more to add to it like genre of food broken out more.

But once I started filtering it out to local restaurants in Wichita I’ve never been to, I realized, “Holy crap, I could very well be the first person to try every single open local restaurant in town!”

For the purposes of my new goal in life, I filtered out my list to include just non-chain local restaurants in Wichita that have a standalone business. I excluded bars and food trucks. I wanted to focus more on actual restaurants with physical locations where food is the main feature of their business. I’ll eventually get to all the food trucks especially when warmer weather returns. And I’m not counting chains, I want to really hone in on restaurants that are native to my home city of Wichita.

At last count, I have roughly 40 restaurants in Wichita to try. Of course that number will fluctuate with the constant openings and closings. Plus when I’m in the most random areas of town trying restaurants, I notice new ones I’ve never heard of or have no web presence. Just this past week, I saw two random ones that opened up. It feels like a new Mexican restaurant pops up every second. But even with that there will soon be a day probably in 2019 that I will catch up and cannot wait.

If you know of a restaurant missing on my Food Directory please let me know in the comments below. Life is all about doing what you love and having a passion. Mine is trying new places so wish me luck as I set out to do what no other person has done before. Over 600 restaurants visited and counting………

Happy Dining,

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