Sunflower Espresso Review

Sunflower Espresso

Even with the cold weather officially here, I decided I would still try to make it out to some food trucks. My most recent stop wasn’t so much a food truck but a coffee truck. It’s well documented I’m not really a coffee drinker but I’m never opposed to trying it if it’s around me. Given the fact that I was near the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park and they were brave enough to be out in the weather, I figured I’d stop by.



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It felt like it was 35 degrees out and I needed a warm drink. I contemplated ordering a Capuchin or hot chocolate but figured I’d let the barista make me a suggestion. She recommended I order the Jolene Latte (a latte with vanilla, hazelnut, real Vietnamese cinnamon, and an extra shot of velvety espresso). It was smooth, delicious, warm and everything I needed that afternoon. I loved the small hint of Vietnamese cinnamon mixed in with the vanilla and hazelnut.

While they are a coffee truck, the best part for me wasn’t the drink. They had pastries available and one stuck out as amazing.

Sunflower Espresso

They had a Chai spice pumpkin bread that was phenomenal. I ordered one slice but should have gone with two.

Sunflower Espresso

It was a great little quick stop at one of the trucks I often see out at a variety of the events. I was glad to finally check them out especially that pumpkin bread.

Here’s their menu.
Sunflower Espresso

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