Tacos Y Salsas: Home of the everyday $1 tacos on north Broadway

Tacos Y Salas

Our ventures down Broadway bring us to another Mexican restaurant that prides themselves on fantastic tacos and salsas. One would hope that is true given their name is Tacos Y Salsas. They are located immediately north of the recently reviewed Mi Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurant. Tacos Y Salsas hopes to draw customers in with their everyday special: dollar tacos.

2128 N Broadway St
Wichita, KS 67214

Open Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Thursday
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash Only

The decor inside Tacos Y Salsas is at a bare minimum. It looks like they wanted to save a little money and focus all their efforts on the food.

At Tacos Y Salsas, you order at the counter and they bring your food to you. I went with a simple plate of tacos so they brought out their three salsas made in house along with a little bowl of onions, cilantro and limes. All of the salsas were fantastic. I particularly loved their guacamole salsa and their brown-ish green salsa. They both were very flavorful and were followed by a small to decent amount of heat. I made it a point to compliment the chef on her work.

Tacos Y Salsas

For the tacos, I had their asada, al pastor, carnitas and buche. All the meats were heavily packed into two tortillas that did a wonderful job of keeping it all together. I topped them each with a little onion and cilantro, doused some lime on there and then used each of the salsas on the tacos. I was in taco heaven. The buche and the asada were my two favorites.

Tacos Y Salsas

Tacos Y Salsas is one of those fantastic little family run operations that you won’t hear much about. They don’t have a website, have no social media and are in an area of town that is packed with competition. Regardless of all that, they did offered enough to earn my seal of approval and a return visit. Despite a small language barrier, everyone there was extremely nice and grateful on my visit. Everyone has their own taste in tacos but this place is certainly worth a try to see for yourself. At a dollar a taco, it’s an affordable way to dine out.

Here’s their menu:

Tacos Y Salsas
Tacos Y Salsas

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