Want Coffee: Home of some great bierocks and cinnamon rolls

Want Coffee

Earlier this year, Twisted Java Coffee Bar was bought out by Want Coffee. The new owners expanded to coffee shop to include such items as homemade bierocks and cinnamon rolls. Always in the mood for delicious sounding food, I stopped by to check these out.

2615 W 13th St, Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

Like many coffee shops around town, there was ample and comfortable seating for all the guests.

Want Coffee

Knowing it was going to be a quick brief stop, I kept my order simple with the new items available at Want Coffee: the bierock and cinnamon roll. I came close to also ordering a breakfast burrito but couldn’t justify that much food for myself. I’m regretting that right now.

The cinnamon roll was phenomenal. It was the ooey-gooey type yet still remained firm; it wasn’t soggy at all. And the bierock was oustanding as well. It had a light bread crust with a nice ratio of meat and cabbage. I was certainly happy with both items.

Want Coffee
Want Coffee
Want Coffee

Some people I know ordered a couple coffees and were very pleased with what they had. But what do I know, I don’t consider myself a coffee drinker and wouldn’t even know where to begin on how to review that. I stick with food and am still happy thinking about both meals I had.

Want Coffee

Overall it was a very pleasant visit out to Want Coffee. The two ladies working that particular morning were very helpful. I’m not a morning person and they were able to lift my spirits at 7am with their positive attitudes. Want Coffee certainly has more than just their name implies.

Here’s their menu.

Want Coffee

Want Coffee

Happy Dining,

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