What is the dollar food truck on 21st street?

El Pollo Dorado

What is the dollar food truck on 21st street?

It’s a question often asked by people who are driving down 21st street. There’s a sign that says ‘Tacos $1.00″ that has caught the eye of many drivers. Well readers it is none other than El Pollo Dorado.  Some people may recognize them by their original yellow truck or their short lived restaurant at on Central. Since our last review, they’ve had a paint job and added in a canopy to handle their cooking.

El Pollo Dorado

128 W 21st St
Wichita, KS 67204

Open Daily from 10am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

They are some of the hardest workers in the food truck industry. For so many years, they have been out there opening as many days as possible all day long. I’m not sure there’s a food truck open more days than them. El Pollo Dorado has long been a staple in that area of town and always draw a good crowd.

Everything is cooked on site. The moment you park and step out of your car, you can smell the smoke.

El Pollo Dorado

There’s no menu to order off of. They have $1 tacos everyday with just two meat options: chicken or beef. You can also order whole grilled chickens if you’d like. Nearly everybody there ordered a mix of both taco options. So that’s what I did. You order the tacos and then head over to the truck where all the toppings and salsa can be found. The one drawback there is both salsa are very runny. It’s not the most sanitary way with people coughing and hands in it, yes I saw someone grab stuff by hand. But I took my chances and am still alive to tell the story.

El Pollo Dorado

El Pollo Dorado

The chicken tacos are excellent. I love how cut up the chicken is. It’s almost like “crumbly is better”. The best part of it is the chicken isn’t dry as commonly found at many restaurants. The beef was about average and a little greasy for my taste. The true star here though were the chicken tacos. There was a nice smokey taste to it and left me wanting to go back and get a full chicken.

Plus for a dollar, it’s like you’re losing money passing up on this deal!

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