A whole new world to be found at Cocoa Dolce Chocolates

I love hearing from readers. This may be a surprise to some of you but I don’t know everything about restaurants in town; I rely on many of you to help me out with where to go and what to try. Thanks to your recommendation, I ventured into the world of finer hot chocolate. This guy was raised on Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. My mother led me to believe they were the only producers of hot chocolate on planet Earth. It wasn’t until recently that I would discover I was drinking the stationwagons of hot chocolate my whole life. Fortunately I was finally shown the Maserati of hot chocolates which can be had at Cocoa Dolce Chocolates.

2441 N Maize Road
Wichita, KS 67205

2132 N Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67206

Monday – Thursday: 10am -9pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 7pm


Cash/Card Accepted

There are two locations of Cocoa Dolce, one in Bradley Fair and one in New Market Square. For the purposes of this review, we stopped by the west side location which left the door open for a second review at the east side locale.

The New Market Square Cocoa Dolce says cozy all over it.

Cocoa Dolce

We came for hot chocolate but was distracted by all the wonderful goodies displayed at the counter. Chocolates, cookies, macaroon, cheesecake, gelato……. how could we JUST order hot chocolate. We succumbed to the addiction of dessert like a smoker who walks outside in sub zero degree temperature.

Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce

We ordered cookies & cream cheesecake, a strawberry balsamic macaroon, a turtle mocha drink, a peppermint latte and the Mayan hot chocolate; that was dinner. We also had five pieces of chocolate for dessert for safe measure. For the chocolates, we had the Turtle, Scotch, Oatmeal Cookie Cordial, Irish Cream, and Caramel Apple Cider.

Holy (insert profane word followed by exclamation point) was that delicious! The macaroon tasted nothing like we expected, it was very refreshing and lighter than we would have imagined. The cheesecake was thick and rich in the best way possible. Of course you could never go wrong with the chocolates there. Our favorite was the turtle with the crushed pecan pieces enveloped in a soft vanilla bean caramel; take a nibble, close your eyes and watch all the pressures of life just wash away.

As for our drinks, they were every bit as good as advertised. The peppermint latte was like a taste of Christmas. There’s a light peppermint flavor that doesn’t overpower the latte but still enough to brighten it up. My girlfriend loved her turtle mocha and my Mayan hot chocolate was one to savor. It was a real treat and I loved the kick that the cinnamon and cayenne brought. I need to go back now just writing about it.

Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to some of the finer things in life. There’s a whole world of chocolates and drinks that some people may not even know about. Thanks to the readers and their recommendation for me to give it a try. Give yourselves a pat on the shoulder.

Now to review the east side location next………………….

Here’s their drink menu:

Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce

Happy Dining,

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