Burger King’s Whopper on sale for just one penny at McDonald’s

Burger King’s latest marketing ploy is a direct shot at their biggest competitor, McDonald’s.

For a limited time, Burger King fans can order a Whopper for just one cent…but you have to be within 600 feet of a McDonald’s restaurant to do so. You have to download the Burger King app which will track your location to make sure you’re at a McDonald’s. Then it unlocks a coupon code which allows you to purchase a Whopper for one cent. This latest promotion is called Whopper Detour and was started last week and actually ends Wednesday, 12/11.

I was intrigued by it and love a good marketing ploy. So I gave it a try. I downloaded the app. The first splash screen I saw was for the Whopper Detour: notice how the E in Whopper is a play on the McDonald’s arch.

Once I signed it, I was able to unlock the Whopper for one penny promotion.

The app then gave me some nearby Burger King’s to choose from. I was then able to add the Whopper to my cart (with no onions of course) and check out. I then had one hour to pick up my Whopper.

Here’s where it got interesting. I arrived to pick up the Whopper. The app told me to give them a particular order number and it would be ready. When I checked in and gave my order number, I was told they didn’t see any order. At that point, I’m thinking “Of course! Just my luck.”

Fortunately I showed them my app order and they had a Whopper ready for me within a few minutes.

A Whopper regularly runs $4.69. This obviously takes a little work to do but if you live in an area where they are right by each other, it could be fun to do for the hell of it.

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