First Look at Taste of Soul Southern Chicken and Waffles

More chicken has made its way to Wichita in the form of Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles. The new restaurant opened inside of the food court inside the lower level of Towne East Mall this past week. We braved the post Christmas madness the other day to get your first look at the new dining option.

7700 E Kellogg Dr
Wichita, KS 67207

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Given how busy the mall was the day after Christmas, there was a steady flow of customers trying their hand at Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles. While people were scurrying in line, wee stood outside to glance at the menu and decide what we wanted. The main feature on their menu was the “wafflewich” which was a hand-held chicken-and-waffle sandwich. They made a buttermilk waffle, stuffed chicken on top, and rolled it up. Boom… wafflewich!

We decided to order the original basic wafflewich with fries, the Kickback wafflewich which was a jalapeno waffle, the fish and waffle and chicken tenders. It took maybe around seven minutes to get our order; not an exact number but certainly not an amount of time that felt long.

The size of the waffles fit perfectly inside of your standard styrofoam to go containers. They weren’t too thick but did a good job of holding everything together in wafflewich form. At the same time, they weren’t your regular light and fluffy waffles. Flavor-wise they were alright but nothing really memorable.

The chicken and fish was probably the favorite of everything we had ordered. My family was impressed with the size and quality of the fish; it was well seasoned and broke apart nicely. As weird as it sounds, hot sauce and syrup actually mixed well together. The rest of the meals were all chicken based and it was less flattering. We weren’t sure if a different seasoning was used on the chicken versus the fish but the chicken was very very very salty. One piece of chicken felt a little overcooked as if it had been fried a little too long. Everybody commented that had they toned it down it could have been a much better meal. They enjoyed how easy it was to eat and how it was a better option versus some of the choices in the food court. The execution just wasn’t there yet but could be over time as they get over the first week opening setbacks.

Maybe give them some time to work through the kinks and perfect the process. We stopped by on their second day of business so this is one place we may have to go back to months down the line to see if they improve.

Here’s their menu:

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