Food Truck: Ken N Barbie’z Rollin Diner Review

Ken N Barbie'z Rollin Diner

When the weather is decent, we still like to get out and visit the food trucks. Despite the colder weather, they are certainly not forgotten at Wichita By E.B.

Our latest stop took us out to the VA Medical Center where food trucks are advertised to be there on Thursdays. Just a heads up during the winter, you’ll want to check the Facebook page of any food truck before going just to make sure they are there. Sometimes the weather can change plans. Fortunately this past week the truck we wanted to see was there. Ken N Barbie’z Rollin Diner is now the subject of our latest review.



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The menu at Ken N Barbie’z is very eclectic and all over the board. They don’t really adhere to one specific genre. I’m making the assumption that they just cook whatever sounds good to them and that they think diners would love. The menu on our visit included burgers, sandwiches, cheese steaks, fajita fries and other items.

For our visit, we ordered the fajita fries, grilled club sandwich and the Sriracha chicken rice bowl. It took around eight minutes to get our food which wasn’t bad at all as they were the only truck at the VA that afternoon and had a steady stream of customers.

So many employees at the VA kept walking by commenting on how delicious our lunch looked and how amazing it smelled. The portion size on the fajita fries and Sriracha chicken rice bowl was great. There was plenty to go around for the $8 price tag on those two menu items.

I had the rice bowl and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really sweet with a slightly salty aftertaste. There wasn’t a hint of Sriracha, at least not anything my taste buds could detect. So if you’re worried about heat, it wasn’t there. Having some Sriracha drizzled over the top would have been great.  My cousin liked her fajita fries. There was no shortage of the well seasoned sliced steak in the bowl. One improvement that could have been made was to melt the cheese. Having warm cheese smothered over the steak and fries would have been ideal for her especially on a cold afternoon. As for the club, my girlfriend liked what she had. It wasn’t anything that really wowed her but met her expectations and was satisfying for lunch.

Ken N Barbie'z Rollin Diner

Ken N Barbie'z Rollin Diner

Ken N Barbie'z Rollin Diner

Our visit to Ken N Barbie’z Rolling Diner was one where we enjoyed what we had. The service was great, the price was fair but at the same time, we weren’t sure the food was anything overly spectacular to set themselves apart from some of the other trucks around town.

Here’s their menu.
Ken N Barbie'z Rollin Diner

Ken N Barbie'z Rollin Diner

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