Kobe Japanese Steakhouse: Our favorite option for dining entertainment

I am often asked what my favorite Japanese steakhouse in town is. There’s no question in my mind what that answer is. For years we have been going to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. They offer the complete Japanese Teppanyaki dining experience with well trained and entertaining cooks who do a fantastic job. For one of my nieces, this has been an annual tradition for over five years to go on her birthday. No one does it better than Kobe’s.

8760 W 21st N
Wichita, KS 67205

Monday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 9pm
Friday: 5:30pm – 10pm
Saturday: 4:30pm – 10pm
Sunday: 4:30pm – 8:30pm


Cash/Card Accepted

This was actually an unplanned review. Since I’ve had lots of requests on Japanese steakhouses, I went through my phone and searched through the 9,000+ pictures in it to find some of the ones I’ve had from Kobe’s. Finding the photos actually took longer than writing this review.

Kobe is your traditional Japanese steakhouse. Each order is prepared at your Teppanyaki table by your own personal chef with an accompaniment of hibachi vegetables, steamed rice, hot green tea, and a sherbet dessert. The prices are generally lower than Sumo’s; even better when you grab the monthly coupons off of Kobe’s website. And while the chefs at both Sumo’s and Kobe’s are phenomenal, what sets Kobe’s apart is the friendliness and service of the rest of the staff. It’s always timely, friendly and accommodating. They treat all customers the same regardless of dress, appearance of status.

Over the years, we’ve had everything from the steak, calamari, scallops, chicken, and filet. The fried rice is the most delicious, unhealthiest combination of rice and butter you’ll ever have. The food has always been consistent and the show they put on is exciting for everyone to watch. The kids love gazing at the choo-choo train, the volcano of onions, the fake ketchup bottle, egg tossing (which I was able to participate in once unsuccessfully), the smiley face that is lit on fire and the rest of the jokes that are done year after year but still a joy in their eyes. The end of the show has each person at the table trying to catch flying shrimp in their mouth. It makes for a great laugh watching people misfire and have the shrimp hit their eye.

We always make it a point to go there for birthdays and a random outing once a year. I’m already pondering of places to go for my New Year’s Eve dinner and this might be it.

So for everyone that’s always curious of our favorite Japanese steakhouse, look no further than Kobe. And don’t forget to always check once a month for their specials online.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

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