Puzzle Plex’s new room, Project Sabotage, is a dual identical room with added competitiveness

Puzzle Plex

One of our favorite escape rooms, Puzzle Plex, recently opened up their new room this month. It’s called Project Sabotage! If you love escape rooms, this is one you definitely have to check out.

301 E Madison Avenue
Derby, KS 67037



Here’s the basic information on the room.

Room Description:
The United States military has contracted us to test the effects of high stress on the human mind under competitive conditions. This test requires two squads to compete against each other in two identical rooms. There is a catch though – you can sabotage the other squad along the way. Do your part and sign up for testing today!

* Recommended for 4-12 players (2-6 per room)

Essentially two groups of people are put into identical rooms. You have to race to get out. These competitive rooms aren’t a new thing but what sets this one apart is the ability to sabotage your opponents. Without giving anything away, you have the ability to sabotage the other room. Certain things will happen to make it harder or distracting for your opponents.

I went with friends and family this week. We’ve known about this concept for a long time and have been extremely anxious to try it out. We were glad we did. It was one of the best experiences we had. Most of the time when you’re doing an escape room, there really isn’t much stress involved; at least not with us. But when you’re racing against an opponent, its adds that added anxiety and pressure. WE. LOVED. IT. We split into friends versus family and unfortunately my group was beat by less than a minute. I won’t say how but you can sort of keep tabs on how your opponent is doing which just adds even more pressure. It’s awesome!

Bookings are $20 per person from Sunday – Thursday, $25 on Friday and Saturday, and $15 per kid ages 6-12.  You can book your rooms here.

Like I said, we loved the team experience. It’s great. If you love the dual group scenarios, I’d highly recommend Project 403 as well.

If you go, be sure to tell them Wichita By E.B. sent you!

Happy Escaping!

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