The No Bake Cafe where raw cookie dough is the main course

The No Bake Cafe

A new dessert shop opened at the west end of Clifton Square that most recently housed Verita Coffee. The No Bake Cafe, which sells cookie dough and is safe to eat, sold out on Saturday but we were able to stop by to get a taste of what readers can expect. We were told because it is not made with eggs, diners are not at any risk. I’ve eaten at some of the sketchiest restaurants in town so safety has never been a cause of concern for me. So let’s eat.

3700 E Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67208

Open Daily: 10am – 10pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Inside the seating was extremely limited. Fortunately this is a treat that you could just grab and go and not have to worry about it melting like ice cream. It’s a very mobile-friendly dessert.

The No Bake Cafe

I brought my family with me and we selected many different flavors to take home. That afternoon there were twelve options to choose from. For people who are curious, there’s a menu (available at the end of this blog) that tells you what’s included in each flavor. Gluten free/vegan options are also available for an extra dollar.

The No Bake Cafe

We ordered five different flavors with two of the scoops inside a waffle cone for an extra $1.50. Each scoop costs $3.50. Two scoop options are $4.50 and three scoops are $6.50. For the multi-scoop options, you are welcome to mix and match flavors. At first glance  $3.50 sounds like an awful lot but in our experience, it’s a commodity and one scoop is more than enough for a person.

Not everybody in my family is a cookie dough fan so if it’s not your thing, you can close out this right now. If you do like cookie dough, read on. For starters, it does indeed taste just like cookie dough. One of my cousins who’s an avid baker was completely in love with it. She loved the richness, denseness and flavor. Some of the kids who have never had dough before were expecting ice cream given the look of it and were in shock after the first bite. My brother enjoyed the flavor but said it had a very granulated texture as if he were eating a big ball of sugar.

I ordered a two scoop waffle cone and felt that was way too much. One scoop would have been plenty and that was the general consensus around the family. It’s great but in small doses due to how rich and thick it is. I found myself needing to have a bottled water by my side. For what it’s worth, the waffle cone made it better in my opinion than eating it straight out of a bowl.

If you want our recommendations, More Smores, Cookies & Cream, and Unicorn were the big winners of the day.

The No Bake Cafe

The No Bake Cafe

To those of you who love cookie dough or interested in something a little different, The No Bake Cafe could be right up your alley. I know my cousin cannot wait to go back already.

Here’s their menu:

The No Bake Cafe

The No Bake Cafe

Happy Dining,

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