What new restaurants are coming your way to end the year and in 2019

The future west side Cheddars

Time for a monthly update on what is coming. Besides the season finale of Game of Thrones, there are a lot of exciting things in line for 2019 and even the final weeks of the year. Let’s get an update on what’s in store for Wichita in the coming year.

1985 Arcade Bar & Grill
1021 W Maple
The new arcade that will serve food and alcohol doesn’t have an official date set. They did leave a cryptic message on their Facebook page with a present which could mean anything. Will update when a date is confirmed. Facebook

6 Degrees
222 N Washington Road
This new restaurant opens today with their grand opening. The dance club and hookah lounge will be serving Italian food in the former Joe’s Old Town Bar & Grill. Facebook

Andy’s Frozen Custard
Northeast corner of 21st and Webb
The custard shop at New Market is getting a second location out east at 21st and Webb by Opti-Life which will also be getting another restaurant. Continue reading……

37th and Maize
Word is the second Barn’rds location should be completed and ready to go in 2019.

37th and Maize
Expect another Braum’s to make its way to west Wichita in 2019.

535 S Ridge Road
The second Wichita Cheddar’s will be opening next door to the new Cracker Barrel in the spring of 2019.

Chick N Max
3520 N Maize Road
Signs are up at the third Chick N Max spot in Wichita out west. They should be opening up within the next month. A fourth location is in talks for 2019.

Chicken N Pickle
1240 N Greenwich Rd
The indoor pickleball courts are now open with the remaining portion of the outdoor courts and the restaurant side opening up sometime in the first few months of 2019.

Coney Island Hot Dog Weiners
1001 W Douglas
The hot dog spot in Delano has pushed their tentative opening to January 15, 2019 but that looks like it may be delayed. Facebook

Da Chicken Shak and More
1112 31st St S
A second ‘Da Chicken Shak and More’ will be opening up on 31st st S. I spoke to the owner and he’s aiming for an early January opening.

Dave and Busters
K-96 and Greenwich
Do I really have to explain what this is? The large 30,000-square-foot space is aiming for a July 2019 opening.

Doo-Dah Diner
1530 S Webb Road
A second Doo-Dah Diner is on its way. With a tentative opening date of January 8, this second location will be in the former Auntie Mae’s building. With the second location opening, the original downtown Doo-Dah Diner will be closed for a major remodel that should last the first half of the year.

Donut Whole
3750 N Woodlawn
More expansions for more restaurants are on the way. The Donut Whole will be getting a second location in the former Hurts Donut near 37th and Woodlawn. Look for this one in January 2019.

Dunkin’ Donuts
North Rock Road, Derby
The national donut and coffee chain will be opening their Derby location in March 2019.

El Viejito Mexican Restaurant
4722 S Broadway
One of my favorite little Mexican restaurants will be moving south in the former La Fiesta location. No timetable has been set yet but you can expect this one to be open in early 2019.

Electric Pizzeria
240 S West St
The second Electric Pizzeria is opening in the former Quiznos location at 240 S West St. This should be open within the month.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
21st and Oliver
The second Fuzzy’s will be coming to Braeburn Square at Wichita State and should arrive in the summer of 2019.

HomeGrown Wichita Eatery
1900 N Rock Road (Bradley Fair)
619 E William St
When it comes to popular restaurants out west, I’m not sure there is one busier than HomeGrown. The owners are hoping that popularity can carry over to downtown and east Wichita. The east side location in Bradley Fair is expected to open in March of 2019 while the downtown location in the Spaghetti Works District won’t be coming until 2020.

Huddle House
Northeast corner of Seneca and University Road.
The 24-hour diner should be open in March of 2019. The first location at 21st and Amidon just recently opened this month.

La Islas Marias
2150 N Amidon
The Mexican seafood chain that serves crab legs, shrimp, and more is still hoping to be open by the end of the year. Facebook 

Leslie’s Coffee House
930 W Douglas
The new coffee shop coming to Delano will be opening after Christmas before the end of the year. Facebook

Los Compadres
3213 N Toben
The popular Mexican restaurant at 13th and West street has taken over the Jersey’s space. Their soft opening takes place today.

Poke Mix
Northeast corner of 21st & Webb
An east side Poke Mix is coming to northeast Wichita at 21st and Webb. Look for this in the spring of 2019 with a different spin on the concept. Expect more on this soon.

Pour House
711 E Douglas Avenue
Walnut River Brewing Co in El Dorado will be opening Pour House at Union Station. They are now open as of today. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for more.

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant
602 N Tyler Road
This casual sit down Mexican restaurant will be opening in the former Charlie’s Pizza Taco and Pedro’s Express location. The owner told me he plans to open in January 2019.

Taste of Soul Southern Chicken & Waffles
7700 E Kellogg Dr
Specializing in a hand-held chicken-and-waffle sandwich called a “wafflewich.” Taste of Soul also serves traditional chicken and waffles, featuring chicken wings arranged on top of a buttermilk waffle. they will be opening inside the food court at Towne East Mall and hope to be open in January 2019. Facebook

Tight Ends
Northeast corner of Seneca and University Road.
The controversial restaurant and bar that’s similar to Twin Peaks and Hooters is aiming for a February 2019 opening.

Vora Restaurant European
3252 E Douglas Ave
The French and Italian restaurant with other European influences will be the feature restaurant in the new Uptown Landing apartment complex. Menu is being completed at this time and the owners are hoping for an opening in Q1 of 2019.

In case you missed it. There are some new restaurants that also recently opened:

Adios Nachoria at Wave, 650 E 2nd St
Alejandro’s Mexican Food, 2110 N Maize Road
The Dapper Doughnut, 701 E Douglas Avenue
Huddle House, 1735 W 21st St
Mama Nith’s Crawfish, 604 S Topeka
Meddy’s, 120 S Washington
Molino’s Taqueria,2035 N Rock Road
Prost, 2721 E Central
Taqueria El Fogon, 2604 N Arkansas
The No Bake Cafe, 3700 E Douglas Ave
This Is It: Soul N Southern, 1714 E Wassall St

There are a few more coming your way in 2019 but I’ve been sworn to secrecy but aside from those it should be a fun dining year with delicious new places on the horizon. This list doesn’t include the random twenty or so additional small mom-and-pop Mexican restaurants that will appear all over town during the next year. When I find those out, you can be sure I’ll be stopping by and passing on the good word of food. If I’m missing anything else, feel free to post in the comments below!

Happy Dining,

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  1. The Coney place in Delano is still a bare box, it’s not opening any time soon. And the Tight Ends/Huddle House complex has no walls last time I checked. The only thing I’m MAYBE looking forward to is the Electric Pizzeria and maybe the coney place. I hope the Cheddar’s will take some pressure off Cracker Barrel.

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