11-course blind menu private dinner is the dining experience you want

We’ve had the food at Gaga’s Grub before and loved it. The owner of the truck, Dustin Presley, has also been operating a private dinner experience at his kitchen called P.M. Sessions at the Canvas. While it’s open to the public, it’s available by reservations only. The bookings are available 7 nights a week for parties of 6 to 12 people. The multi-course menu dinners are for the most part blind. If you have food allergies, you can relay that to Presley and he will be sure to take care of everybody. These dinners start at $50 per person for 8 courses, the menu and courses dictate the budget thereafter.

After talking about it for a while, my girlfriend and I gave this blind course meal a try over the weekend. Here’s a spoiler, it’s been our favorite dining experience so far in 2019.

3088 W 13th Street
Wichita, KS 67203

Available by reservations only


Cash/Card Accepted

For those who make reservations for parties of 6-12, there’s a big table set up in the dining room area for your party. It’s also BYOB, so you’re welcome to bring your own beverage of choice whatever that is. I opted to bring beer from AeroPlains Brewing.

What happened next is best described in pictures. Over the next two hours, we were brought small little plates that didn’t seem like much. But over time, we started to get extremely full and worried that we couldn’t eat anymore.

Here’s our 11-course blind dinner at P.M. Sessions at the Canvas.

Fruit/veggie stock shot. We treated this more of like a palate cleanser between the dishes.

Blackened beef tenderloin. Anaheim/jalapeño sauté, brie, honey/lime cream, chai tea syrup.
This was by far one of the best plates of the night.

Turmeric/sumac crusted sirloin, chorizo/dates sauté, hibiscus syrup, pita crisps.
The sirloin mixed in with the chorizo/dates sauté was incredible. I’ve never had a sauté like that before and wish it was an entire meal.

Prosciutto/bacon/ham/spiced chicken skewers, port cream, lemon/herb reduction, tater chips

Pork loin skewer, tomato/pepper stock
It was at this point, my girlfriend was starting to get full.

Sesame/soy baby portabella, buttered kohlrabi, garlic/spiced carrots, pea shoots, yellow curry mayo
This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. The garlic/spiced carrots mixed with the mushrooms was an instant hit for my taste buds.

Arugula, sunflower shoots, sweet peppers, red onion, chevre, honey/lime/green grape vinaigrette
It was a nice change of pace to have some lighter foods.

Pork and veggie soup
I chugged this down immediately. It was like a palate cleanser for what was about to hit us next.

Lamb chop, baby carrots, muenster cheese/bacon/roasted garlic mash, blueberry/red wine cream
It took us forever to finish this. My girlfriend was already stuffed while I about hit a wall. I didn’t want to stop eating though because everything was so delicious.

Fried cinnamon rice rounds, smoked fig jam, salted ancho chile/dark chocolate sauce, dried raspberries, cocoa nibs, hibiscus cream, hibiscus syrup
One big plated dessert for us to share. I have no idea how we finished this. The fried cinnamon rice rounds were so warm and wonderful.

Waffle/granola cake, bourbon peach, grand marnier apple butter, maraschino cherry syrup, honey pecans

If we weren’t in public, I would have unbuttoned my jeans and let my belly hang out. I wasn’t sure how I fit that much food in. The service there was fantastic, Presley and his son served us the entire evening and their positive attitudes were extremely infectious. I could really tell the passion Presley had and it showed in each of the courses.

You always know it’s a good dinner when the food is the subject of discussion during most of the car ride home. That was nearly all we talked about while driving in the snow and ice that evening.

When it comes to dining experiences in 2019, this one is going to be tough to beat. Perhaps for my birthday I’ll be back with friends to introduce them to P.M. Sessions at the Canvas.

Check out their website for more details.

Happy Dining,

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  1. We are taking four other couples there tonight and I’ve been pumped for a month since we made the reservations. Thanks for making dining in wichita both better and an adventure! Blessings Charlie

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