Calling all restaurant, food truck and business owners to tell their story

Over the years, it’s been really cool to build a platform to tell not just my story but also friends and family who join me on these visits around town reviewing places. It’s been a great avenue to decompress and share our thoughts on what we love about the city. The biggest benefit (mostly when it’s positive) is when what we publish helps the local businesses with their exposure and a possible boom in business. It sounds so sappy and fake but it does mean a lot when I hear someone go to a restaurant because of our recommendation, even if its just one person.

At the same time, I’m not blind to the fact that our opinion isn’t gospel nor should it be held higher than any other writer, blogger or person who’s out spending their own hard-earned money in Wichita. Our experiences and opinions could be the complete opposite of what others believe.

For nearly eight years now, Wichita By E.B. has been a closed platform of the opinions of myself and those I’ve befriended, worked with or simply family. For the first time ever, I want to open this blog up to business owners, restaurants, food trucks and other entrepreneurs to tell their story.  Whether they’ve had a great review or bad review, I’m wanting to give the owners a chance to sell themselves to you, educate us about their business, show us their menu, and let us get to know them.

I’ve already reached out to some restaurants and food trucks and will soon be publishing a weekly feature called, “Get To Know…” where these owners can tell us the story behind their business, share what is popular, give us insight on what makes them click. There won’t be any of my opinions, no reviews, just all the owner. It’s my way of sharing the platform I’ve built, paying it forward and helping them get exposure. Advertising isn’t cheap these days so giving them a free avenue to sell themselves is the least I could do. I don’t even really consider it advertising. To me, it’s like the first day of school, standing up and introducing yourself to all your peers. I think it’ll be fun.

If you are the owner of a local restaurant, food truck, escape room, in home bakery, coffee shop, business, please email me at I have a set list of roughly seven questions, I’ve been sending out to other businesses to 1.) keep it consistent and 2.) make it easier for me to transfer into a blog for them. If you know an owner who could benefit from this, feel free to pass it on to them. I want to keep this strictly to Wichita and the surrounding area.

Let’s pay it forward in 2019.

To nominate your restaurant or event to be considered for a review, please email us with your restaurant information. We are always open to suggestions.

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